“Things I’m Lovin Lately” February

This year we are treating Valentine’s Day as a huge opportunity for self-love. As the oxygen-mask portion of airline safety procedures teaches us, you can only care for others after you care for yourself.

There are many ways to do this, but at Annmarie Skin Care, we recommend recharging with an at-home spa day, so we created the perfect set to help you feel cared for and loved.

Our Valentine’s Day Gift Set includes a mix of our most nourishing and restorative products, which feel rich and luxurious to the touch, and provide that spa level aromatherapy experience.

We created this set with a long, lingering self-care day (or evening!) in mind. Once you’re feeling truly radiant, stash full-size products in your bathroom cabinet for skin that glows every day.

What’s In This Gift Set

This special gift set includes:

This Valentine’s Day Gift set also comes with beautiful eco-friendly wrapping.

Click Here to Get Your Gift Set Now

How to Use This Gift Set

Of course, how you use the products is totally up to you! What we love about this set is that it how luxurious and indulgent this combination of products feels to use, plus the rich, intoxicating scents of each of them. They might be the perfect regimen for your night out, or in, whichever you choose!

The Aloe Herb Cleanser cleans deeply while leaving the skin soft, never dry. Follow with the Citrus Stem Cell Serum our secret weapon for skin transformation treatment. After the serum, apply Anti-Aging Facial Oil for skin so soft you might just ask a stranger to touch your face.

You can use the Coconut Honey Mask as a deep moisturizing treatment, which leaves your skin moisturized and glowing, helping to minimize wrinkles and give off an overall healthy glow. In case you are spending your Valentine’s Day outdoors, we also wanted to let you try out our new formula of Sun Love—one that protects your skin while also providing deep moisture and a rich coco-lavender scent.

Limited Supply

We only make a limited number of these each year, so make sure to get yours before they run out!

Maybe there’s someone in your life that you know could use some love too. We truly hope that these nourishing products will put a smile on their face and help them feel absolutely beautiful! But if doesn’t need to be a gift. You deserve to be pampered, too!

Click Here to Get Your Valentine’s Day Set Now

The Annmarie Skin Care Team



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