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8 week “Life Work” Series (week#8)

Now as you all know these last 8 weeks have been nothing short of amazing I’ve been sharing all my notes with you and my panel discussions. A friend of mine invited me to co-host a  “Life Work” Series thru a panel of some other movers & shakers for her Adult Learning University students (a coarse they call Life Development). It has changed my life…

5 Step Plan To Turning Any Setback Into A Comeback

What do you do when life deals you a losing hand and the world appears to single you out and turn against you?

Setbacks happen. They happen to all of us. Illness, jobs lost, broken relationships – even death. Sometimes something as simple as a flat tire, when late for an important meeting, derails us.

How we react to the curve balls and setbacks that we face everyday defines our path in the world and our long-term results.

If you didn’t realise there were choices to be made when faced with a set back, check out this short guide that will have you using the next major setback you face as a Set Up for the Comeback story in your life

1. Get Out Of Your Head

Take a fifteen-minute break (longer if required) and re-group. You may require a fair bit longer depending on the severity of the situation. But here is why you do it. You have to separate yourself from the situation or set of circumstances. Ultimately, who you are can never be defined by your current situation or by any setback. You have to take a step back and see that you are so much more that anything that might happen to you in this world.

I like to take a walk. Getting outside and into nature helps me to get out of my head. When I was going through health challenges, there were times when my energy was completely depleted and I wasn’t even able to walk. Those were tough days, because time and space out of doors is sanctuary for me. Find that spot for yourself where you can step out of what is going on and take a clear look at the situation.

Now, some situations are entirely different and would appear more difficult to separate yourself from. I often start looking at a setback from the reference point of, “How much is this going to matter a year or five years from now?”

2. Accept That What Is Done Is Done

The reality of any situation, and the hardest part for my kids to understand is that what has happened has happened, what is done is done. There is no going back. History can’t be altered, and unfortunate events cannot be undone. This is the fork in the road that, as humans, we all have to be acutely aware of because a choice has to be made. The reason we need to remain on high alert, following a setback, is because this choice can all too often be made completely unconsciously.

If we refuse to make an alert choice to accept and be at peace with an event, situation or setback, we are instantly transported onto the less desirable road where we become stuck in the mud of battling the obstacles of pity, despair and guilt.

3. Find The Good In All Things

This can be tough. Sometimes it’s obvious though. If a business deal collapses or comes to an end, you can waste time commiserating over it, or decide to look at the opportunities that it offered you, and the experience that came out of it. I hear top entrepreneurial leaders say all the time that most great business leaders fail several times before they get things right. Who is to say why they failed, and looking to place blame is useless. Use it as a learning experience and the fuel to persevere and try the next endeavour. That is finding the good.

I had a hard time finding the good in the destruction of my business and finances, but out of it all came a story. I decided to start a blog, tell my story and find ways to help others to similarly make changes, or find ways to get past difficult situations. I tell myself all the time, if it doesn’t work this way, it will work another way. I have accepted it, and with time, found the good in the situation.

Decide to be grateful for everything that happens, not to you, but rather for you. There is no comeback without a setback.

4. Set Clear Intentions For A Comeback

In my opinion this is the most important step. Even if you didn’t do the first three steps that well, if you feed clear intentions to your mind your ultimate comeback is undeniable. Believe that you can become an unstoppable force of nature and dispel yourself of all guilt, remorse and uncertainty.

I am a very visual guy and I do two things:

5. Develop Daily Goals & Related Actions

I wrote an article, 3 Inspiring Comeback Stories to Help You Get Better, on my blog at In it, the story about Chad Jones’ rehabilitation is amazing. The level of commitment to his daily disciplines, the things that he did, whether he wanted to or not, in order to re-build his leg and restore it’s function is incredible. Watch the video. This is what I mean by matching your actions to your goals.

Too often we say we want something, but our actions don’t reveal a deep, inner desire to obtain it. We want to get in shape, but we sit on the couch for three hours watching TV. We want to make more money, but we watch the clock all day and aren’t prepared to do more work, or we’re scared to start a business. We need our burning desire to become a passion and we need to be willing to sacrifice what we might want right now for that bigger, more rewarding goal.

Simply put, our Dreams have to be bigger than our excuses!

When you understand the daily actions required to achieve your goal, you have a formula that WILL work. Apply commitment, focus and course correct as required and the Comeback isn’t an eventuality. It becomes your new reality!

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