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Watch Your Money….

5 Tricks To Curb Your Spending And Save Money


Every year, it seems there are things we vow to do more of—exercise, eat healthy, drink more water. Grouped in with those items is always save money. Today, Arin is sharing how she has curbed her spending so far this year and five ways you can do the same!

We’ve all heard it—‘stop going out, stop splurging on clothes, stop buying things you don’t need.’ Easier said than done, right? My husband and I recently purchased our first home, and we’re quickly realizing that home-ownership comes with a hefty price. Obviously, we were aware that it would be costly, but there’s so many hidden expenses that we didn’t even think about. This has resulted in some serious budgeting (ah, the dreaded ‘B’ word!) and retail restraint. We’ve also had to make some major sacrifices to meet our financial goals. These sacrifices include limited nights out, vacations, etc. Obviously, we’ll be able to do these again in time, but, until then, we’re on the road to financial freedom! I wanted to share a few things we’ve been doing that have really helped us along this journey and helped up save money.

  1. Ditch the cable: We were spending close to $100 each month on cable, and this is an area we decided to cut back on. With streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Chromecast, it was a no-brainer for us. Here’s a trick: If your parents/family have a cable account, ask if you can use their login credentials. Download the apps of your favorite networks, and you can actually watch live television (with a cable log-in) while streaming to your TV! I still get my Food Network on a Saturday morning, and it’s 100-percent free thanks to some generous parents (p.s. it does absolutely nothing to their account).
  2. Small weekly saving transfers: Each week, I have my bank set to automatically deposit $30 into my savings account. By the end of each month, I have $120. This just helps curb my spending, and ensures that I’m setting aside money. It’s a great way to build an emergency fund, too.
  3. Use cash: This brings me back to those ‘allowance’ days! Take out a set amount of cash for the month, and once it’s gone, your spending is done. If you’re anything like me, swiping a credit card adds up. All of those little purchases make a dent on your checking. Utilizing this cash method ensures that we will not spend more than the allotted amount. This has seriously worked! Because the cash tends to go quickly, make sure you’re tracking that spending!
  4. No drinks: Here’s a tough one for some. If you are going out to dinner, skip the drinks. By ordering two drinks alone, we’d spend an extra $22 on the bill. By cutting out alcohol while dining out, we saved close to 40 percent on our bill. This honestly makes a huge difference when you’re saving money. Our average dinner bill is usually around $30 or less!
  5. Check your bank statements: I’m guilty of not checking my bank statements regularly. I recently went through it, and noticed that my bank was tacking on unnecessary fees. I also noticed several other errors (Uber charging me twice, etc) and it saved an average of $25 each month. My bank was nice enough to reverse the charges, so it definitely doesn’t hurt to ask. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on statements each month to ensure everything looks correct. It just takes a few minutes, and it really is worth it. In fact, it paid for our dinner!

Slay Like Bey In 2017

Source: Jason LaVeris / Getty Beyoncé’s musical career is one for the record books – no like seriously. Beyoncé is royalty in almost any category you can name, and it is evidenced by how she’s viewed, talked about and how effortlessly she bounces back from scandal (think “elevatorgate,” break-up rumors and 2016 Super Bowl backlash).…

via Slay Like Bey: 4 Branding Tips We Learned From Beyoncé’s Career — Elev8

“My Life, My Vibe” April 2017


Hello All,

It’s Spring Again, Yeah (enter Nina Simone~you already know how I feel) and it’s service your community month …

It’s only coincidence that the first day of spring and International Day of Happiness happened to fall on the same day this year. But we think the two go quite nicely together. After all, it’s basically impossible to think about the warmer temps and longer days without cracking at least a little smile. Which is even more reason to go out and help improve and give back to your community. Connecting yourself to happy people will make you happier too, Whether it’s through helping charity or just a small act of kindness, altruism makes us feel good. One study even found that the happiness gleaned from volunteering can increase your longevity. When you’re thankful, you’re more likely to be a more joyful person. So go out and catch life with some gratitude….we look forward to seeing you out in the community! J

Also, don’t forget we always give you your Motivational Mondays, Wellness Wednesday and “Things We Are Lovely Lately”….so stay tuned and be inspired…many blessings!

We look forward to being of continued service to you and I hope you will enjoy the benefits of our new co-op networking community. Please let us know what you’re doing in your business and community, your feedback is very important to us! Positive Mind…Positive Vibe…Positive Life

What do you plan on doing new this month?



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