Welcome To The Evolution! Society

Lover Of All Things Social….

Hello My New Blog Family,  pic 7

You have really brought my blog to life for than I THANK YOU. Evolution Events, LLC  is now The Evolution! A cooperative operation (Co-Op) & Networking Community, that includes a unique perspective on lifestyle trends. We’d love to network with vendors, event professionals and other like minded individuals like yourself. Likewise we would like to take the chance to ask you, if you are still in business please continue to support and add us to your database for future events and referrals. The Evolution!  encourages and supports the development and delivery of events, and  programs abroad under partnerships with other venues, community advisors, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, small business owner’s and other special organizations.

We provide workshops, seminars, and networkinge events that promote !Education !Culture !Trends !Lifestyle !Entertainment/Artisans !Marketing & Promotions.

~When you learn, teach. When you get, give. – Maya Angelou

Disclaimer: This blog features a mix of my own photos and images by others found online. If you see a photo here that’s not properly credited, please email me at c_dixon007@yahoo.com. So I can fix it (I always want to give proper credit!). Also, please link back to this blog if you share one of my photos on your blog or on any social media sites. Thanks!

Disclosure: Any sponsored post will be clearly noted, and I will only agree to write a sponsored post if I believe in the product and would use it myself!


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