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My Wellness Wednesdays health blog chats will educate, inform and inspire
the community to better health and wellness. I will be bringing you tasty recipes, work out routines, healthy living, hair, skin, sex, fun, and any where in between. Wellness is not just about starting a routine it’s about a lifestyle that will benefit in making a Happier, Healthier YOU!.

For the record I’m not a health guru, or a physician I just know what I know and not afraid to share it!

Wellness Wednesday 2/22

Disclaimer: This information is comes from a New Year’s Workout  Jumpstart  Program provided by  Lauren Conrad that I am currently following and I want to share my  progress with you.

Jumpstart January: Challenge No. 4

Week four is upon us, ladies. It’s hard to believe that we’re already on our second to last Jumpstart January challenge. As of today, we’ve conquered three goals that we’re proud to say have slowly formed into habits. In the past few weeks we’ve worked out consistently, ditched alcohol and said goodbye to processed foods and white sugar. How’s that for starting out the new year strong? We can tell that our bodies are thanking us already. Not only do we sleep better at night, but we also have a renewed pep in our step that keeps us productive all day long. The only thing we’re wondering right now is why haven’t we done this for ourselves sooner…

  • Week 1: Work out 5 days a week
  • Week 2: Say sayonara to alcohol
  • Week 3: Nix processed foods and white sugar
  • Week 4: Lights out by 11p.m.
  • Week 5: Take 10,000 steps a day for a solid week

The past three weeks of our Jumpstart January challenges have been just that. We’ve been pushed physically and mentally and now it’s time to rest–literally! For our fourth challenge we’re turning the lights out by 11p.m. every night this week. We realize that everyone has a different start times in the morning, so feel free to adjust your bedtime as needed. The overall goal for this challenge is to go to bed early enough so that you treat your body to a full eight hours of sleep. That way you’re more likely to feel rejuvenated in the morning and ready to tackle your to-do list. Being a morning person has never sounded more appealing!

In order to make this goal happen, you may need to start prepping for bedtime earlier in the evening and revamping your morning routine. We recommend packing your lunch, programming your coffee maker and laying out your outfit ahead of time so that your morning goes as smoothly as possible. Just think of how amazing the day will be with eight hours of sleep and an organized morning ahead of you. Sign us up!

Are you going to turn the lights out early this week?

Wellness Wednesday 2/8

 Get Me Bodied….

I think it’s time to rename my most popular series of articles (popularity that I did not see coming!!!), to “Fifty +, Fit and Fabulous”, adding that small but significant, “+” sign 🙂

Meet Ellen Ector, a 63-year-old mom of five, grandmother of four, and health inspiration to people everywhere.

After 20 years as a social worker, she decided to quit her job and pursue fitness training in 2009.

“I said, ‘Either you’re gonna do this fitness thing or you’ll be working for someone else for the rest of your life,'” she told BuzzFeed Life. “I haven’t looked back since… I love what I do!” .

After a career in social work, Ector decided to pursue fitness full time, founding “Black Girls Workout Too!” with her daughter, Lana.

Specifically focusing on health issues that face African American women, the workout DVD series aims to demolish the statistic that four our of five African American women are overweight.

Ellen also organizes walks for adults with diabetes and trains kids in track, field, and cross-country running — basically, she wants to help people from all walks of life learn to take care of their bodies.

If you’re ever in Georgia, you might run into the grandmother-turned-trainer at her Atlanta gym or cold-pressed juice company . . . or you can simply follow her impressive fitness journey
on Instagram. In the meantime, get inspired by Ellen’s incredible physical shape, and remember that anyone — no matter their age — can lead a healthy life!


Below, Ellen with daughter Jana


She now co-owns Gymnetics Fitness and GymJuice in Atlanta.

She and her daughter Lana also released Black Girls Workout Too!, a fitness DVD series that’s developed a strong social media following.

All of the exercises can be done with little to no equipment, an intentional decision by the mom and daughter team.

Ector says, “Your body is a machine.”

She also says that it makes working out affordable for women who may not have the means to invest in a gym membership or buy workout machinery for their homes.

The series consists of two videos, with a third expected to release this winter. 

The fitness guru was especially interested in targeting black women after her mother died of uterine cancer at age 63.

The CDC reports that 57.6% of black women 20 years old and older are obese. And obesity, according to Mayo Clinic, increases the risk of uterine cancer.

(below,  Ellen Ector at right and daughter Jana at left)

To anyone who’s having trouble getting fit, Ector says, “Be patient. You have to take baby steps.”

And because health is so much bigger than the physical, she also dropped this little gem…….

“Don’t use your body as a dump. Stop dumping in boyfriend problems, stop dumping in the bad food!”

 Keep shining, Ellen! You’re all that and a bag of (kale) chips 🙂

“She lives around the corner from the Fountain of Youth” –(from a song by Michael Franks)

~stay healthy~

Disclaimer: This information comes from

Text from this article taken from articles I ran across on and


Wellness Wednesday 2/1

Disclaimer: This information is comes from a New Year’s Workout  Jumpstart  Program provided by  Lauren Conrad that I am currently following and I want to share my  progress with you.

Jumpstart January: Challenge No. 1

Welcome to 2017: a brand new year to put your best foot forward when it comes to fitness. In previous years on the blog we’ve shared our tried and true health and wellness plans. These plans consisted of only one post outlining a dedicated meal and fitness chart to get you through the entire month. Well this year we’ve decided to shake things up a bit.When it comes to fitness routines, every body is unique. Since creating one meal plan and one workout plan may not be tailored to everyone’s dietary and fitness needs, we’ve created a set of new weekly, all-inclusive challenges. Welcome to the new and improved Jumpstart January, a health and wellness guide that will challenge you to amp up your workout routine, eat healthier and keep your goals going strong all year long. Sounds pretty simple, right? Let us introduce you to the next 5 weeks of challenges…

  • Week 1: Work out 5 days a week
  • Week 2: Say sayonara to alcohol
  • Week 3: Nix processed foods and white sugar
  • Week 4: Lights out by 11p.m.
  • Week 5: Take 10,000 steps a day for a solid week

You can build on each of these challenges, keeping up the last one as you start a new one, or simply choose to focus on a single challenge per week and see how you feel.

Today is the beginning of the first challenge: try to work out 5 days this week. Everyone is usually amped up at the beginning of the year, so why not get the hardest challenge out of the way? Whether you have a gym membership or plan on doing a little exercising in the comfort of your own home, get up and get your blood pumping! Not only will you feel ready to take on the day, but you’ll be building up the endurance it will take to make working out a lasting habit. That way you’ll be more likely to stick with these challenges all year long as opposed to just one month! And if that sounds totally doable, the next four challenges this month will have you feeling even better.

Do you think you can keep up? We think you can!

So will you be joining our 2017 Jumpstart January challenges?

Let us know in the comments! And good luck on your first challenge…

P.S. Don’t forget to hydrate!

7 Essential Habits for Peace


7 Essential Habits for Peace

by: Deepak Chopra, M.D.

Embrace Compassion and Leave Conflict Behind

“It’s only when you make the process your goal that the big dream can follow.” – Oprah

We all want to contribute to global peace, but it can feel disheartening when we see discord in the news, in politics, and even in our own relationships. But you can take a different perspective by setting the more accessible goal of creating peace within yourself – which then expands like a ripple to your relationships, your community, and ultimately the world. Wisdom traditions teach that the source of violence, war, discontent, rebellion, and unrest lies inside each of us. When you become a unit of peace consciousness, you have added in a unique way to bringing the world to a state of peace.

Develop your peace consciousness with these seven essential habits for peace.

Habit #1—Being Calm and Centered

Peace is the natural state of the mind at its deepest level. Non-peace begins in small ways, when you are worried, restless, distracted, uneasy, or dissatisfied. Begin being mindful of those signals from your inner world. When you feel them, take a moment to return to your calm space. Either meditating or simply sitting in a quiet space with your eyes closed and taking easy, deep breaths, works very well. This is about learning how to act upon early signals that peace isn’t there inside.

Habit #2—Non-Participation

To be a unit of peace consciousness, don’t participate in the opposite attitude, which magnifies the reasons to be unpeaceful. Do your best to avoid conversations that include gossip, blame, backbiting, and discussions of how terrible the world is. You don’t have to be a Pollyanna, acting as if everything is already perfect. Simply focus on not participating when you can feel that a situation is turning toward anger, resentment, envy, and hostility in any form.

 Habit #3—Taking No Side

Peace consciousness wants peace to be equally shared by everyone. This isn’t possible if you take sides, judge against others, or indulge in us-versus-them thinking. Be aware of everyone’s right to have peace. When you find yourself reacting with a knee-jerk response against a certain person, group, faith, ethnicity, or belief system, remind yourself that you can hold a different viewpoint while still wishing peace for all concerned.

Habit #4—The Intention of Peace

Peace consciousness becomes more powerful as it deepens. One way to deepen your awareness is to put an intention out to the universe, which really means connecting with your higher self. Any time you witness or confront a situation that needs a peaceful resolution, ask inside that the way to peace be opened for everyone. Sit quietly with this intention for a few moments, letting your heart go out to those not at peace.

Habit #5—Commune in Peace

When people of peace get together, they magnify their consciousness. Start finding ways to commune with others who wants peace. This can be through sitting with a child and absorbing his or her innocence, or discussing the topic of peace with a sympathetic person. You might consider joining a group that is working at any level of peace, such as preventing violence or helping troubled teens. Feel the warmth of sharing your peace with others.

Habit #6—Selfless Service

Peace consciousness wants to be of service. It does little good to be at peace passively in isolation. Allow someone else to feel the peace you have found by being of service. Let yourself experience the kindness, good will, and compassion you can bring to a troubled situation. Your service can be as modest as visiting the elderly or as active as joining a community outreach project. Your aim is to give and receive at the level of peace that benefits both people at the same time.

 Habit #7—The Soul’s Peace

At the deepest level, there is infinite peace, undisturbed by the play of opposites and the clash of darkness versus light. From the soul’s perspective, there is only pure Being. Each day, take time to meditate on your true nature as unbounded love, compassion, reverence for life, and unity with the divine presence. See the light expanding from your heart in all directions. Let simply being here be enough.

Realize deeply that you are an indispensable part of the journey to enlightenment that lies ahead for everyone who steps on to the path.


Wellness Wednesday 11/9

20-Minute Home Cardio Workout

With the holidays just around the corner, traveling, parties, shopping, and other seasonal outings may start to take over your schedule, leaving little time for the gym. This does not mean your rockstar body (which you worked so hard for all year long) is going to vanish right before your eyes. Your prevention plan: Change up your routine so you can get in a full-body workout in half the time—no gym needed.

This at-home cardio workout is an efficient way to burn off extra calories and keep your metabolism stoked through the holiday season. It also works wonders for your attitude and mindset. Instead of feeling guilty after splurging on the pumpkin bread, knowing that you’ve kept up with your workouts will help you feel satisfied and strong.

Try this cardio workout in the morning and you’ll be energized and empowered throughout your day.


My Workout Playlist Today

Hit or Nah-Rayven Justice
Firework-Katy Perry
Blase-Ty Dolla
Ninjas in Paris-Jay n Kanye
Big Rings-Drake
Too Good and Needed Me Remix- Drake n Rihanna

Workout Wednesday….

Wellness Wednesday 11/02

fall running

As we move into fall, the shorter, colder days can make it easy to become demotivated about your workout regime, but the change in season can also be a great time to try something new. Relaxnews rounds up three sports that will help mix up your workout and keep your fitness plan going through fall and beyond.

Hot yoga

If you hit up the park for an outdoor yoga class over summer, then keep your yoga flow going this fall by heading inside for a hot yoga class. Not only will hot yoga enable you to work out indoors, but the heated room will also keep you warm as the temperature starts to drop outside. Hot yoga provides the body with a great cardiovascular workout, according to Jennifer Aniston’s yoga teacher Mandy Ingber, with the high temperature an effective way of bringing the heart rate up. However, remember to hydrate before, during, and after class, advises Ingber.


Outdoor cycling is great for warm summer days, but it isn’t as fun if you get caught in the rain. If you’re a cycling fan though, why not try an indoor spinning class? You won’t be able to explore the outdoors, but a class environment can bring its own benefits, with motivation from an expert trainer, a team atmosphere, and a chance to make new friends. Spinning also brings with it incredible health benefits, including burning up to 675 calories in 30 minutes, with the sprint cycling techniques used in classes also challenging the muscles in the legs and bum, and boosting cardiovascular activity for rapid results.

Trail running

You do have to head outdoors for trail running, but this is one sport that is worth getting caught in the rain for. First of all, summer can simply be too hot for running, making the cooler fall temperatures the perfect time to be outside. Trail running breaks the monotony of road running and has more health benefits than treadmill running, thanks to the more challenging terrain and the rugged ups and downs. Getting started is easy, with National Cross Country Running champion, fitness coach and trail runner Lesley Paterson advising wannabe runners to “just find a local park or trail, and just run!” If you are completely new to running, says Paterson, alternate between walking and running for one minute until you can run continuously without stopping, even if you try to run for just five minutes at first. As you build up fitness and strength, you may be able to run for an hour or even longer.


My Workout Playlist Today

24K Magic – Bruno Mars

Blow The Whistle-Too Short
He Dont-Byrson Tiller
My Way-Fetty Wap
Wenesday Weekend-Bj the Chicago Kid

Workout Wednesday…



Wellness Wednesday 10/26

Image result for workout wednesday images


Forget clocking up more time on the treadmill. Research proves that it’s intensity not volume that gets results – whether you’re an active adult or an athlete, your fitness will fly when you add LES MILLS GRIT into the mix. So this week I have written a 2 minute challenge for you all. It’s pretty simple, there are four exercises of which you run for 30 seconds each. The idea being you do as many as you can of them in 30 seconds, so you work at your optimum for just 2 min. Keep your scores and I will re post in a month or so and you can see if you’ve improved.
  1. Squat jumps
    Make sure you squat and touch floor between every jump. You want to keep your chest up, if you had something written on your shirt you should always be able to read it.
  2. Push up jacks
    Like a normal push up but you jump feet out on way down, together on way up.
  3. Switch kicks
    Kicking one foot out and switching to kick other foot out. Keep foot flexed, try and kick leg out at hip height but don’t over stretch as high as feels comfortable.
  4. V sit ups
    Lie flat on your back, with your arms above your head. Now bring your hands and feet together, keeping legs and arms straight.

*remember form over quantity, you are better to do less correctly than more with bad form. Bad form is often how we get injuries.

Don’t forget to warm up first, it is very important!!! We don’t want pulled muscles. Do a nice cool down stretch afterwards too.

If you are really struggling and need a visual here are some links to You Tube videos.

Squat Jumps

Push up Jacks

Switch Kicks

V sit up’s

My Workout Playlist Today

No limit-Usher
No limit soldier- Master P
Deja Vu- Beyonce
Ruffneck – Mc Lyte
The Corner-Common
Cheap Thrills-Sia
Workout Wednesday….

Wellness Wednesday 9/14

Rejoice! Teyana Taylor Is Working on a Fitness DVD

Singer Teyana Taylor poses before the Baja East fashion show during New York Fashion Week September 2016 at 25 Beekman on September 9, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images)
Photo by Brian Ach

By Avon Dorsey
Sep, 10, 2016

NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 09: Singer Teyana Taylor poses before the Baja East fashion show during New York Fashion Week September 2016 at 25 Beekman on September 9, 2016 in New York City. (Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images)
The singer-actress gave us all the details of her “Fade to Fitness” DVD during the Baja East show at New York Fashion Week

In a crowded room filled with smoke, some of New York’s glitziest editors, grungiest hipsters and image-thirsty paparazzi, there was a queen who emerged amongst us all… and her name was Teyana Taylor.

Seated front-row and chatting with two of our fave Iman’s (her hubby, Iman Shumpert, of course, and supermodel Chanel Iman), Taylor proudly displayed what the world has been talking about for the past two weeks… her AMAZING, tight-and-toned body!

We asked Queen Tey ALL the questions everyone wants answered.

On her amazing body and fitness routine:

“I have a couple of little, secret tips… I have a DVD coming out “Fade to Fitness” and I’m very, very excited! Some girls don’t want to go to the gym because they don’t feel as though they look good… but us ladies should be able to walk out the house and feel beautiful and look good!  Teyana Taylor Stomped Her Way Through the Yeezy Season 4 Fashion Show and Obviously Slayed.
“[The DVD will come out] before Thanksgiving! So you can still have all your Thanksgiving food and enjoy it… Eat all you want to eat and don’t feel bad because you’ll have your “Fade to Fitness” video just in time, knowing that Teyana got ya back! You can watch the DVD and workout at home… in your living room, or in your bedroom. We’re going to make this fun!

That Kanye Video!

“I didn’t see the video until the same day it premiered on the VMA’s! And now, my life has changed. I feel like everybody at some point gets their ‘just due’ and I’m finally getting mine.”

On being a celebrity!

“You guys watched me grow up… You know us New Yorkers play no games, but also traveling the world and getting to know different people also builds you as a person. You have the core fans that knew you forever, that’s been following you forever, and you have the new fans where you tell them, ‘welcome.’ It’s almost like if you walk into a store and you don’t know much about that store, but there’s always a welcome. I’m not the type of person who says, ‘oh, y’all better know who I am…’ no, I’ve always been humble. For all the new fans… download the album, “VII” and get to know me!

Her next album:

“I’ll try to put a little bit more uptempo’s on there, but for the majority I’ll just keep building [from the debut album]. I’m all for the baby-making music… I’m all for the Janet-realness. I keep it sexy!”

Baby Junie and Those Headwraps:

“Junie scares me sometimes, and she’s only eight months… When we go to the fabric stores she has a habit of touching things; she’ll turn away if she doesn’t like something and she’ll smile if she does! And if she’s reaching her arm out, then that’s the fabric we’re getting. It’s a family business.”

“ESSENCE is the epitome of having strong, black women on its covers. And, I feel like I’ve earned that… just from my story, from growing up [in the spotlight] being this tomboy turning into a young lady, being a mom and a wife. Going through heartbreak and embarrassment… to overcome all of that and still keep moving… I’ve earned that.”

Well… we hear you Tey… And it sounds like we better get to it then!

And don’t get me wrong, my squad-in-my-head girl looks incredible. But farrrrrrr more incredible is her workout regimen. She kills the game, leaves the treadmill smoking, and will leave you sore just from watching her hustle. And, because I’ve been a fan of hers for so long that I remember her old ustream account where she livestreamed her workout tips, you’ve got a little treat below!

Workout Wednesday

That’s not even all of it.

(If you’re having trouble, try viewing this link and this link.)

When you look at Teyana, know that she’s always been relatively thin, but she grinds until there’s nothing left when it comes to staying that way. She’s more than “post-baby body goals,” she’s HUSTLE goals through and through. I might be inspired by her sneaker collection, sure—I mean, can I get the plug, too?— but I’m inspired by the way she treats her workouts: like business.

Might even cut on her track “Maybe” for inspiration next time I head out for my own.


Wellness Wednesday 8/24

Words from Ellen and Lana!

“Studies have shown working out lifts your spirt.  Why not make exercising a stress-reliever.  Find the perfect hour of the day and dedicate the whole hour to getting back on track to a healthier lifesyle.   ” – Ellen and Lana

Wellness Wednesday 8/10


pic 2.jpg

Eight Fitness Tips to Get in Shape for Summer

Does the thought of slipping into shorts or a swimsuit leave you panicked? No sweat. With these easy fitness tips, there’s still time to get in summer-ready shape without going on a crash diet.

Taking small steps will put you in the right direction, says Heidi Powell, personal trainer, life coach and co-transformation specialist (with husband Chris Powell) on Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. Here are her eight best fitness tips to get you ready for the season:

  1. Make a Small Change — And Stick To It

“Make one goal to yourself at a time,” says Powell. “Maybe it’s removing soda from your lunch or moving for five minutes a day. Just make it attainable and commit to it.”

Once you master that first goal, you can add another to it, and so on. “When you do what you say you’re going to do, the scale will follow,” says Powell.

  1. Be Realistic

As much as we’d all love to drop 10 pounds in a week — especially as summer approaches — it’s not very doable without going to extreme measures.

“Instead, strive to lose one percent of your body weight a week,” says Powell. “That’s a healthy goal.”

  1. Watch Your Calories

Nutrition is more than half the battle in weight loss. And while you don’t have to obsess over every bite, you do need to be aware of how many calories you’re taking in. The average woman should aim for 1,500 calories a day.

  1. Eat Real Food

Forget the packaged diet dinners and low-fat snacks. “You can’t out-train bad food,” says Powell.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are higher in nutrients than processed meals — plus, they’re rich in fiber, which will keep you feeling fuller longer. Lean meats like turkey are high in protein and will help you burn more fat while building muscle mass. And yes, you can put some steak on the grill — just eat it in moderation. “The calorie count is higher in red meat, so opt for three-ounce portions instead of the four ounces you would eat of chicken or fish,” Powell says.

  1. Don’t Skip Carbs

“Chris and I both have wristbands that say I ❤ carbs!” says Powell. “Carbs fuel the body for weight loss.” Just remember that not all carbohydrates are created equal: White bread, rice and sweets are nutritionally poor, but sweet potatoes, brown rice, steel-cut oats and whole-grain bread are both delicious and healthy.

  1. Work Out at Home

You don’t have to commit to a gym to get your exercise. Powell, a busy mom of three, says she’s lucky if she goes to the gym once a month. Instead, she focuses on fat-blasting moves she can do from the comfort of her home…which is where her next two tips come in!

  1. Learn to Love the Burpee

“I have a love-hate relationship with burpees,” admits Powell. They’re tough, but “they hit nearly every muscle in the body and get your heart rate up.”

To perform this whole-body exercise, start by squatting with your hands on the floor in front of you. Kick your legs back into a push-up position, jump back into the squat, and then jump to a standing position. You can modify the move by doing the push-up on your knees or going directly from the push-up to a standing position.

  1. Try Interval Training

For the optimal metabolism-boosting workout, sprint on a track or treadmill as fast as you can for 30 seconds, rest for 90 seconds, and then sprint again. Ten sets of sprints will give you a heart-thumping 20-minute workout — plus your body will continue to burn calories at a higher rate for the rest of the day. “You put your body in an oxygen debt, so the body has to overcompensate and work harder to oxygenate the body,” says Powell.

By making easy changes and following these fitness tips, you’ll be confident and beach-ready before