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pr-pic10 Online Businesses You Can Start For Under $500

There was once a time when everyone had to stand in the queue and wait for their turn to have a test or interview and get granted with a job! The times of standing unnoticed in the queue have passed and technology has set in to help millions generate an income from the comfort of their homes.

Today’s Internet offers a huge platform to carry out your own business, be it large or small. With a little bit of dedication and hard work, you can setup your very own online business with a very small investment of just $500 or less. Millions of people are using the Internet to create some some form of income. There are a total of 10 business ideas discussed in the following paragraphs with which you can start your own online business for less than $500. So, Let’s have a look.

  1. Start Your Own Blog

More and more people are becoming self sufficient by starting their own blogs. Starting a blog can be a great way to earn money online whilst still doing something that you enjoy. You can choose the topic and if you do something that you enjoy writing about then it won’t really be like working at all. Gardening, Celebrity Gossip, Shopping, Shoes, Travel, Food, where ever your interest lies, you can blog about it and turn it into a part for full time income.

Now, you might be thinking “How do I make Money” by running a blog! Well, there are a number of ways to make money from blogging. You can simply place ads alongside your content. services like makes this simple and offers handsome payments for posting their ads on a blog or website.

You can also earn from blogs by recommending products and services alongside your content. Doing so will earn you some cash as commissions or as referral fees.

Want to get started? You can have your very own blog up and running in no time with our step by step guide on how to start a blog here.

  1. Create A Website About A Topic You Are Interested In

Creating a website is the most preferred way to do business online. If you are planning to establish a business online, you need to have a face to represent and a website is essential. With a website, you can earn by advertising, product recommendations, direct sales or selling your services.

You can also make very good money by creating websites and then once they are established selling (or flipping) them to other owners or investors. Websites like have made this process much easier in recent years.

However, while running a website you should always try to provide valuable information. People search the internet to look for solutions, so if you can provide solutions to your readers you will be rewarded with more traffic and more earnings.  As traffic flow increases, your website’s value does also, so what are you waiting for. Check out our step by step guide to creating your own website.

  1. Become a Freelancer

There are many websites over the Internet that act as a meeting place for freelancers and clients.Whether your skills lie in web design, coding, app development, graphic design, resume writing, you name it, there are people out there right now who will happily pay you for your help.

You can register yourself on sites like and and declare your areas of specialization. Clients will hire you on different projects relevant to your area of specialization.

  1. Write Content for Other Businesses

If you are fond of writing or have writing as your passion, writing content for different websites and online businesses can be a profitable way to earn some money. Millions of people are making full time and part time earnings from writing articles, books and web content for different websites and online businesses.

There are thousands of websites that offer you the opportunity to earn money by writing general and SEO content for different companies. You can even become a ghost writer and write for bloggers who don’t have time to skill set required to do the job themselves.

Websites like have made it easy for wanna be be writers to get started, you can simply register and start writing, and as long your content is of a decent quality, you can earn good money doing it.

  1. Become A Video Blogger on

How Do I Make Money? Video blogging or vlogs have become a successful way to earn substantial amounts of money. And provides the best platform for the operation. You can develop videos about anything that interests you, and post them on the site to start getting noticed. Once you get into the eyes of the users and earn some popularity, you can make money in a lot of ways.

Following are the ways in which you can earn money from video blogging:

  • Simply by creating a popular video or channel you can earn a % of the ad revenue that generats from your videos.
  • Create a video to provide information on a particular product or topic. In the end, provide the viewer with options to purchase or request for more info.
  • You can put on advertisements or promote products of other companies through an affiliate link at the end of your video.
  • You can find sponsors who would like to put their ads on your video.
  • Accept sponsorships of companies that want to reach to your viewers.
  1. Create And Sell Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that allows anyone to sign up and sell their services for just $5. Your service can be anything from creating a logo, doing a voice over, creating a video testimonial or product review, social sharing of content. If you are interested it is well worth spending some time browsing through the gigs other people are offering on fiverr and seeing which ones are selling. Then you can create your own offer that reflects what you have to offer.

Plenty of people have used fiverr to generate thousands of dollars a month in additional income, and some have even turned it into a full time income.

  1. Import Products Cheaply From China & Sell Them On Amazon

Sites like and even offer the perfect platform to carry out your own buying and selling business. You can simply buy the most preferred products from China on lower prices and resell them on these sites on higher prices. This business can be easily pursued from home and requires very little initial investment if you start small and build your business over time.

Amazon even have a service that takes care of all your product warehousing and fulfillment services for you, so you don’t even have to worry about that. Just buy your product, ship it in bulk directly to Amazon then market it and sell it, and they will take care of the rest.

There are thousands of people who are running a full or part time business doing exactly this. Some even generate up to 6 figure incomes per month with this business model.

  1. Become a Freelance Photographer and Sell Your Photos on Stock Image Websites

Another way to earn money over the Internet is by selling your photographs. If you are a freelance photographer or even am amateur photographer , you can sell your shots on various stock photograph-selling websites and make quite a handsome earnings. Companies from all over the world need photos of just about everything imaginable. road signs, landscapes, doors, balls, grass, trees, beaches, sky-scapes, you name it, people need them and are happy to pay for them. This very website you are reading spends money every month on buying stock images to help illustrate our articles. Someone has to take the photos and get paid for it, so why not make it you?

Check out and to learn more about selling your photos.

  1. Build An Income As An Affiliate Marketer (no need for a website)

As mentioned under point 5, you can earn a lot of money simple by becoming an affiliate marketer. The most interesting fact is you can do the job even if you don’t own a website. You can obviously take advantage of social media sites and video streaming sites, Press Releases and other Web 2.0 sites. Whilst, we personally believe that you will earn better money by having your own website, there is no reason you can’t get started using these methods, and then once you start making some money “upgrade” to your own website or blog. There are many websites that offer opportunities of becoming an affiliate member and earn money by marketing their products and services.

  1. Design Smart, Funny or Catchy T-Shirts & Sell Them Through Facebook (

A creative way to do business is by creating t-shirts and selling them on Start by creating a t-shirt with your own ideas and sharing their pictures on Facebook. Once you get enough likes and people interested will produce the product and start selling them for you. Then every time one of your t-shirts sells, you earn a percentage of the profit without having to invest even a single penny. There are people earning tens of thousands of dollars a month doing this, all you need to do is come up with the ideas and slogans and see what people like and don’t like.



The PR Girl Toolbox…The Basics!

PR Basics, Necessities & Favorites

A lot of people have asked me to share a few essentials when it comes to PR and Blogger Essentials. I work as a Patient Advocate/Community Activist  by day and PR Girl, Blogger and Radio Station Co-Host, by night.

So  I’m always on the go and always meeting and greeting people on a whelm. Since I’m not the suit wearing kind of gal I’m always looking for classic go to pieces for my everyday chic busy mom life…here are a few of my favorite basic items.

pr fashion

Product Info: Coat, Flats, Bag

What better to pair with basics than some timeless and classic pieces? For a polished, all-grown-up look, layer your jeans and tee with a khaki trench coat and slip on comfy leopard flats. Accessorize with a structured tote in a rich, dark color, like burgundy.

Kick it up a notch 1: Add rhinestone stud earrings, a gold chain bracelet, and a sophisticated updo. To glam up your basics for a date or night out, all you need to do is add sparkle and color.

Kick it up a notch 2: Start with a bright pair of stilettos and a jeweled statement necklace. Add a coordinating sequin clutch for some extra glitter.

Kick it up a notch 3: Add a colorful or sparkly blazer and perfectly wavy hair.

leopard shoenecklacered heels

My PR Techno Life……

 radio set upofficeoffice 2

Added Bonus For A Night Out…..

Sometimes I could be invited to appear at an event on the fly and here are a few essentials I like to keep in my to go bag for a quick glam up.

eco lip balm urban decay toasted la girl concealersmac heroin elf pallette ambigin zing

My Sista’s Business (A Man’s Edition)….Rayon Richards


Rayon Richards


Rayon seated


I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by some extremely talented people who keep me inspired daily and today’s In His Shoes subject, Mr. Rayon Richards, is truly no exception. While we live in a society that’s almost obsessed with instant gratification, one thing is for sure, successful careers don’t happen overnight – at least careers that last. Rayon’s work was first published 13 years ago in the summer of 2001 and over the course of his career, his images have appeared on the covers and pages of some of our favorite publications such as O: The Oprah Magazine, Fast Company and Huffington Post Magazine. His entertainment industry experience also reads like a Who’s Who list including Atlantic Records, Universal Records and Island/Def Jam.

As a product of Jamaican parents, a native of Brooklyn and a graduate of School of Visual Arts photography BFA program, Rayon is truly that creative you need to know. Today, the talented gentleman sits down with In Her Shoes to talk shop and give us a glimpse into his entrepreneurial journey:

In Her Shoes: What was your earliest memory with photography as a young boy?

Rayon: My earliest memory with photography as a young boy is a story I tell often about when I first discovered the need to document and record moments. I was 14 years old and it was the summer before I entered LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and The Performing Arts in NYC. On a family vacation back to Jamaica, I noticed that a lot of things had changed since my trip 10 years prior. My memories were vague but they were enough to inspire me to purchase a couple of disposal cameras and take pictures of all the things I thought were important so that if there would be another 10 years that passed before I returned to the island, at least I had a visual record of my experience.

Ossie Rubie Dee

 Photo Credit: Rayon Richards

In Her Shoes: You’ve been a force in the industry for quite some time now, shooting everyone from Kevin Bacon to Ruby Dee & Ossie Davis. How did you land your first celebrity job and what was the most unforgettable moment from that shoot?

 Rayon: Thank you, I’ve considered myself extremely fortunate from the very start of my career. The amazing thing about being a freelancer is that no two stories of how someone becomes successful at their craft are alike. Back in 2000, when I was a freshman in college, I spent a lot of time focusing on honing my skills and showing my work to some of the people I met when I was assisting my mentor during my high school years. One of those people was a man named Cacy Forgenie, who at the time, was the photo editor of Mass Appeal Magazine. On many occasions, he generously gave of his time to meet with me, review my portfolio and offer constructive criticism on my work. At some point he decided to hire me. He sent me to Philadelphia to document A Day In The Life of Steph Lova, who at the time was one of the more prominent VJ’s on MTV2. It just so happens that she was heading to Philly for their “Summer Jam” concert and I was there to tag along. So excited that this was my first real assignment, she told me that she would make sure that I got a chance to  photograph every single person she interviewed backstage. Eve, Ja Rule, Beanie Siegel, Sisqo, Bow Wow, Red Man and Sunshine Anderson are just a few names among the list of people I was able to photograph that night. When I returned to New York, I ran straight to the darkroom, developing all of these images into what would become a full portfolio of music artists that I could now take to other publications to acquire more work. Thirteen years later, the ball continues to roll and has never stopped.

In Her Shoes: If you met yourself when you were first starting out, what advice would you give your less experienced self now that you are here?

Rayon: If I met my younger, less experienced self, the first thing I would say is to be more open, more experimental and spend just as much time and energy on personal projects as you do on your commercial work. When I was in school I was very focused, I knew exactly what I wanted, and I knew where I was going to be. My sole goal was to make it in the commercial realm so I didn’t spend as much time working on my own personal creative projects as I did making myself marketable to the photo industry. I wanted to be published and shoot celebrities, that was my idea of success. Now that I’ve created a foundation for my work, I’ve been really investing a lot of time in a few of my own projects which I hope to be able to show shortly. Today I feel more balanced and way more fulfilled.



Photo Credit: Rayon Richards

In Her Shoes: Congrats on the unveiling of v.5! What can we expect to discover in your new and improved online home?

Rayon: Thank you! I’m very very proud of the new site. I think it really showcases my work in a way that previous versions of the website did not. I think you really get a good sense of my body of work and my vision as a photographer through this new site. I can say that confidently because I myself have come to realize my own vision just seeing this project put together. When you’re an artist you’re told to create a style that’s going to make you recognizable and for a long time I couldn’t really figure out how to do that deliberately. I couldn’t force a style. The joy in putting this new site together, is that once it was completed, I saw that the style was there all along I saw how it had developed on it’s own organically. In fact, other people who’ve viewed the work are the ones who’ve pointed this out to me and I suppose it was just intrinsic so I didn’t necessarily notice it and that’s what makes it all the more special because I was just being myself. It’s a feeling. Every facet of my personality is in the work and in some ways that also makes it “personal work”. It took me 14 years to “develop a style”…all this time I was just doing what came natural to me.

Rayon shoes

In Her Shoes:  What is a day like in Rayon Richards’ shoes? 

Rayon: For me, no two days are ever the same and that’s what I enjoy most about being a freelancer. I don’t have a normal 9 to 5 routine; there are some days when I am out shooting, other days when I’m running around the city in meetings and days when I’m in my office at my desk for hours, so it never gets boring. On days when I’m not shooting, I’m usually up at 6 AM. After breakfast and the gym, I can be found at my desk handling the day-to-day tasks that keep my business running, such as corresponding with clients, working on new marketing strategies, preparing for meetings, producing personal projects and updating my physical portfolios & website. All other days I’m behind my camera.

Rayon main pic

In Her Shoes: What are your thoughts on the growing popularity of smart phone/Instagram photographers and the (almost obligatory) use of filters in social media?

Rayon: My feelings about Instagram/smartphone photography are ones of love & hate. I think the rising popularity of photography via smart phone is very interesting. When you start shooting on film as I did in the 90′s, you learn to understand that the quality of the image is not based on the tool used to create it but on the vision of the person who is capturing the moment. Since the digital revolution in photography has made the medium so much more accessible, there seems to be less respect for the craft because you don’t really have to know how to do anything except point and shoot to make an “acceptable” image. Learning how to properly expose film was a skill. Most of the popular filters on apps are based on actual darkroom chemistry processes, types of film and large-format manual camera manipulation. Today people are led to believe that a good image is solely dependent on the camera used. Most people’s first question these days is “What camera/lens did you shoot that with?” The idea in their mind is that the camera made the image, not the camera operator. With smart phones and social media, the same mode of thinking applies but what I like about smart phone photography is that it completely dispels the thought that “if you just buy a fancy camera you can make fancy pictures”. With smart phones, everyone is pretty much on a level playing field so if everyone’s pictures aren’t amazing that should really show how much of a separator talent and vision actually are.

In Her Shoes: If you could predict or forecast the future of photography in the next decade, what would it be like?

Rayon: That’s a very good question. Prior to digital photography, you could have a film camera and it would last you for decades. Today, because technology changes so quickly, cameras become obsolete within a couple of years. Technology on a whole has been improving at an incredibly rapid pace…especially in the last 10 years. To be honest, I have no idea what the future holds for the world of photography but whatever it is, I’m excited for it and am always ready to embrace change and growth in the medium.

In Her Shoes:  Is there anything else you’d like to share?

Rayon: I’m really grateful for everyday that I get to live and do what I love. My spiritual relationship to God is directly related to my work. Being a photographer fuels my faith and my faith is the source of my continued success in the photo industry.

“You know, everybody…a friend of mine says that every tub has to stand on it’s own bottom, you know. And in that respect, we all get to do what our passion is. See that’s what praising God is all about, is doing your passion. You know, it’s not useless, worthless ritual, you know, monotonous ritual, where we just show up and can’t wait to see the game, you know. It’s doing your passion and fulfilling your passion. You know. That’s how we’re thankful. That’s how we say we appreciate the opportunity to be alive.”

– Lauryn Hill (Interlude 5: MTV Unplugged 2.0)

To learn more about Rayon Richards visit or follow him on Instagram (@rayonrichards)!

The PR Girl Toolbox….


Do’s and Don’ts for PR Girls.

PR Girl Do’s

  • Do offer a helping hand when a colleague is swamped
  • Do go to coffee/lunch/froyo every day, and offer your fellow PR girls a chance to get out of the office
  • Do spend your paycheck on acquiring a classic PR girl wardrobe.
  • Do feel okay to take some swag if your client offers it, and use it!
  • Do master the art of a perfectly formed gift bag, tissue paper and all
  • Do brag about how fabulous your client is to your friends (hey, word-of-mouth is still PR)
  • Do use your awesome daily experiences in public relations as a way to pick up guys  (well we just did this event at Chelsea Piers with Derek Jeter…)
  • Always do ask questions, but make sure you’ve thought it through on your own first
  • Do show off your creativity and style, even as an intern. Own it!
  • Do love your job

PR Girl Don’ts

  • Don’t dress up like you’re going to the club/dive bar/beach/ballgame for work, even if that’s your favorite style (leggings are not pants. Try a disco ball necklace!)
  • Don’t take a PR career as a chance for you to finally indulge in gossip.  Karma still exists
  • Though you may think you’re in a position to, don’t turn your nose up at composing media mailers and gift bags.  No, you didn’t go to college for this, but you will always have one to do
  • Do go to drinks with your superiors (great bonding experience), but don’ttake that as an invitation to get wasted on their dime.  PR girls naturally like to drink, but they don’t like to see you drunk
  • Don’t send an email to a client without re-re-reading it, aloud
  • Successful PR girls don’t whine.  If you have to cry, go outside
  • Don’t settle for your position.  Always work at the level above yours.

I keep finding more, but these are the best ones. Most of the time, I have to resist reblogging them. There is one thing I know for sure… if you love PR you know it.


The PR Girl Toolbox…..

14 Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs for Managing Social Media

14 Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs for Managing Social Media

Image credit: OZinOH via Flickr

Smart businesses know that social media is a power to be reckoned with, as it creates a direct line of communication between your company and consumers and allows anyone with an internet connection instant access to the latest buzz around your products or services. Not to mention, it can help you to generate revenue, while building your brand presence.

Let that marinate for a second. This potential for a triple treat is no task to walk into empty handed or unprepared. Unless you want to turn your social media endeavors into a triple threat, you should develop a strategy (one based on as much knowledge as possible about your audience and their behavior).

The 14 tools below will help you and your social media manager take on the complexity of the job.

1. Visually’s Google analytics report

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

While Google analytics can provide a plethora of information, the data can often be daunting and complicated. So to jazz up data, try Visually’s Google analytics report, which is an app that creates a custom infographic of your website’s activity and performance. This free report tells your website’s story for the week loud and clear. It highlights where your wins came from, which gives you that push to make next week even better. You can opt to have these reports delivered straight to your inbox every week.

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Pricing: Free

2. TweetDeck

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

This free, easy-to-use Twitter-management tool allows you to oversee all aspects of your Twitter account(s) in one interface. TweetDeck gives users the freedom to customize their display by showing or hiding various columns. Considering TweetDeck is specifically tailored for Twitter, it may not be the best tool for those looking to simultaneously manage various social networks in one place. Nevertheless, it gives a great deal of control over the intricacies of your Twitter profile without the hassle of navigating across profiles.

Pricing: Free

3. HootSuite

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

HootSuite takes it a step further and allows you to manage multiple social streams like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Foursquare, among others. The platform makes it possible for you and your team to delegate between responses to fans and followers, eliminating the stress of coordinating responses and potentially overlooking valued fans. While HootSuite remains one of the most used social-media management tools, it does lack a basic function: The ability to have images appear as image previews in the Twitter feed as opposed to collapsed links. 

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Free – Up to 5 social profiles, up to 2 RSS
$8.99/month – Up to 100 social profiles, up to 9 team members, advanced message scheduling and more
Enterprise (custom pricing) – Unlimited

4. Sprout Social

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

Like Hootsuite, Sprout Social is a social-media dashboard that monitors and manages multiple social networks. It has a clean interface and user-friendly dashboard built around six tabs: Home, Messages, Feeds, Publishing, Discovery and Reports. Connecting your Facebook, Google+ (Pages only), LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, Sprout Social suggests new people to follow or unfollow and offers many ways to schedule updates in advance. Although Sprout Social still has much to improve on (like offering a wider range of social networks), it is paving the way towards fruitful social-media managing.

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$39 per user/month – Manage up to 10 profiles, real-time brand monitoring, comprehensive reporting tools, and more
$59 per user/month – Manage up to 20 profiles, Helpdesk and Google Analytics integration, deluxe reporting and more
$99 per user/month – Manage up to 50 profiles, ViralPost time optimization, custom interface, and more

5. Crowdbooster

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

If your main focus is Twitter and Facebook, then this is the tool for you. Crowdbooster helps streamline your social-media activity, so you pay attention to what matters. Aside from scheduling posts for both Twitter and Facebook, it allows you to easily keep track of new fans and followers by reminding you of followers you have not yet responded to and listing recently acquired influential followers. Although there seems to be a lag time between the syncing of Crowdbooster with Facebook and Twitter’s API data, it presents a dynamic tool that helps direct growth and engagement metrics.

$9/month – 1 Facebook page, 1 Twitter, 1 User and more
$49/month – 10 social media accounts, 8 users and more
$119/month – 30 social media accounts, 30 users and more

6. Twitter Showdown

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

The Twitter Showdown app allows users to compares any two Twitter accounts head-to-head. While the app is meant to be a light-hearted, fun way to see who rules the Twittersphere, it can also produce some insightful information on different Twitter accounts in your industry or when comparing yourself to your competitors. Twitter Showdown gives you insight on follower-to-following ratio, level of tweet engagement, mentions per tweet, tweet timing and, overall, how two accounts compare.

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Pricing: Free

7. Edgerank Checker

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

Although Facebook pages comes equipped with insights and provides significant data on likes, reach and people talking about this, among other metrics, sorting through the data and making sense of it can be a hassle. Edgerank Checker helps admins understand how their followers interact with each post by assigning it an Edgerank score and makes recommendations to assist with future posts. With this tool, admins can even monitor each post in real time.

Free – EdgeRank score, EdgeRank score over time graph
$15 per page/month – Real-time analysis, post grades, recommendations, negative feedback analyzer

8. Buffer

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

Buffer is a simple and effective tool for sharing content through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. It’s particularly useful for small businesses that don’t have the time or resources to update their social media channels regularly but would still like to maintain a social presence. With Buffer, you can schedule bulk posts ahead of time in a queue. It also offers a number of extensions through Chrome, Firefox and Safari, which makes sharing what you find on the web that much easier. On the downside, Buffer falls short when it comes to monitoring discussions.

Free service – allows for 2 profiles and 10 updates in the queue for each profile
$10/month – unlimited updates and up to 12 profiles

9. SocialBro

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

Specific to Twitter, SocialBro provides insights to your analytics, suggestions for targeting and engagement. It also helps keep tabs on your key influencers and competitors. It works best when coupled with a scheduling tool like Buffer or Hootsuite, because it is geared less towards publishing content and more towards offering reports for marketers. With SocialBro’s integration of both Buffer and Hootsuite, you can import the optimized schedule to sync with your queue and use the results to adjust your engagement.

Free 15-day trial
$13.95/month – Up to 20,000 social contacts across 5 Twitter accounts and more
$39/month – Up to 50,000 social contacts across 15 Twitter accounts and more
$149/month – Up to 200,000 social contacts across 40 Twitter accounts and more
Enterprise – On demand

10. Postling

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

Postling is perfect for businesses looking to expand their reach across social networks. Keeping track of responses, brands and people, this tool sends a daily digest of your recent activity across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, blogs, Yelp, YouTube and Flickr. One cool feature is tracking news every time your business or brand is mentioned on the web. With a click, you’ll be able to share that tweet or review.

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$1 first 30 days – unlimited usage
$10/month after 30 days – manage up to 5 social media accounts/ additional accounts cost $3/month each

11. Tailwind

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

Previously known as Pinreach, Tailwind tracks activity across Pinterest including information about your company, products and competitors. In addition to the general reporting of growth and engagement, you can connect Google Analytics to track conversions and see which activity is most profitable.

Free – Limited profile and domain trends
$29/month – 90-day history archive, track 2 competitors, invite 2 collaborators, basic audience IQ and more
$99/month – 1-year history archive, track 5 competitors, invite 5 collaborators, advanced audience IQ and more
Enterprise (custom pricing) – Unlimited history archive, track unlimited competitors and more

12. Social Mention

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

Social Mention is a real-time social-media search and analysis tool that scrapes user generated content across the internet for any given company, product or search term. In a single stream, this tool will give you the most recent relevant results, metrics on unique authors, reach, frequency of mentions, sentiment and top keywords. This tool should be on every social media manager’s shortlist.

Pricing: Free

13. Shoutlet

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

Shoutlet is an enterprise-level social-marketing software that aims to help companies understand their market, grow their social database and drive their business by creating a seamless platform that guides targeted campaigns through analytics. In addition to publishing and scheduling content, the streamlined community-management platform makes it easy to create custom workflows to ensure the needs of all customers and fans are being addressed. 

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Pricing: Request a demo

14. Argyle Social

15 Tools Every Social Media Manager Should Use

Similar to Shoutlet, Argyle Social focuses on building stronger relationships with your social following. It helps you establish your most valuable content, ensuring your efforts add value to your marketing strategy. Argyle Social places emphasis on B2B social marketing by monitoring prospects and tracking conversions. Underscoring their focus on B2B engagement, Argyle Social has integrated with Marketo, Pardot and Silver Pop, by directly linking social media actions to the impact on marketing and sales. 

$200/month – Ideal for small marketing organizations
$600/month – Powerful features for seasoned marketers
$1100/month – Complete solution for advanced users and larger marketing teams

The PR Girl Toolbox….

14 Apps Every Entrepreneur Needs in 2014

Entrepreneurs are known to be the masters of efficiency, right? The secret? We don’t do it alone. Besides having an amazing team to support our endeavor, we also utilize cutting edge apps to keep us on our A-game. (When you’re heads down building a business from scratch, your time is extremely valuable.) With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the top apps that will help any entrepreneur take 2014 by storm.

Faster is better.

In our app rundown, lets first focus on efficiency — a necessity for the entrepreneur that is constantly juggling various tasks. The faster you can access information and execute, the faster you’ll build your company. 

1. TrackMaven: This app streamlines your ability to monitor data on your competition, without going through the hassle of consulting multiple sources. Filter the marketing activity you want alerts for and erase all the extra white noise.

2. EchoSign: There’s no longer an excuse to delay the closing of a deal (You never know when Mark Zuckerberg will call with that $3 billion dollar bid.)  This Adobe app allows you to electronically sign documents easily and securely. It also records and stores each document’s history, so you have automatic audit trails — saving you the time and trouble of backtracking in case the need arises.

3. Free Wifi Finder: A definite game-changing app for the entrepreneur and tech guru who needs to be plugged in 24/7. In the early stages of a startup, every situation and opportunity is high stakes and you can’t afford to allow a poor Internet connection to get in the way of your company’s success.  

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4. Uber: This app never lets us down.  For any on-the-go entrepreneur, this service is essential to ensure you always have a way to get to that last minute meeting — even when every cab in the city is full.  

5. MobileDay: For those frequent occasions when you’re too busy to be sitting in the office, use MobileDay to coordinate all of your in-person and conference call meetings. With this app, you can dial in automatically, email with participants and even get directions to your meeting place. 

6. Skitch: Screenshots are second nature in the business world these days, but it’s a tedious task to make notes directly on them. Enter Skitch. A product of the ever popular, Evernote, this desktop and mobile application allows you to get directly to the point through different annotations, shapes and sketches.

7. FedEx Office: This mobile app is one of the most helpful on-the-go apps for entrepreneurs. Easily send files, documents or photos through the app to your nearest FedEx location to be printed or made into a beautiful presentation. You can even upload files directly from Box, Google Drive and DropBox.

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Get a Life.

Optimizing efficiency at work can be difficult enough but figuring out how to strike a work-life balance can be even harder. The good news? There’s an app (or seven) for that.

8. Hukkster: Looking for work attire but need to spend less due to a limited budget? No time to browse the sale racks? Let our app Hukkster do the dirty work for you and track your most coveted products so you can easily get your hands on the items you want, the moment they go on sale.

9. Hinge: Single and no time to mingle? Hinge is a great app that allows you to scope out other single men and women in the area based on your personal network. 

10. Power 20 Fitness Trainer: Sometimes it’s hard to find the time to stay fit, yet exercise is essential to staying energized and focused. We love the Power 20 Fitness Trainer, an app that provides 20 minutes of body weight movements you can literally do anywhere — in your apartment, a hotel room or even the office.

11. Venmo: is the perfect app for nights out with friends.  Don’t waste quality time doing math on the back of a napkin. Simply link Venmo to your bank account and then easily exchange cash virtually with friends anytime, anywhere.

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12. Mint: An entrepreneur probably knows a thing or two about managing finances, but it’s always good to be able to easily access information about personal cash flow. Mint allows you to record expenses, create budgets and manage savings plans, all from your phone.

13. Pocket: As entrepreneurs, we’re full of great ideas, so much so that they hit us when we least expect them. Enter Pocket, a phone-based bookmarking app which can save all types of content – anything from a lengthy article to a work report — to all your electronic devices.

14. There is nothing we hate more than a crowded email inbox. Thankfully, was created to fix that exact problem. Simply sign up with your email address and let find all of your subscriptions for you. Then easily scroll through and unsubscribe from the ones you’d rather never hear from again.  You can also make sure the right emails break through all the noise. 

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The PR Girl Toolbox….

Recap: #PRwChat – Career Choices

For my third Twitter chat, professionals from various fields united to share their insight. I’ve included some of my favorite responses below, but feel free to check out the hashtag for more: #PRwChat.


Q1) What do you do, and what are you passionate about? Introduce yourself!

Samantha Dickson (@Sam__Dickson): Currently completing my masters in PR. I’m super passionate about the field and love all things related to communication!

Carlee Barackman (@CarleeBB): Excited to join #PRwChat. I do social media for businesses. I’m passionate about it, but one day want to just TEACH SM, not just do!

Kayla Hollatz (@Kayla_Hollatz): I’m the co-founder of uPRise PR + I’m passionate about building a positive community for aspiring + current PR pros to connect.

Q2) Have you completed any internships? If so, what were your responsibilities? If not, what internships are you interested in?

Tina Sangha & Amanda McGinnis (@VanGirlsPR): Maintained social media channels & media relations. Writing & pitching, created creatives & updated media lists.

Yesenia Nazario (@Yesenia_J): I did one in research and strategic planning at JWT and one at Ford as a marketing and PR assistant, which turned out as my 1st job.

Stephanie Clark (@xStephanieClark): I’ve worked for PR agency Ruby Media Group, currently intern for Kismet TV & Coco + Liz as a social media intern!

Q3) What has been the most difficult career choice you’ve made thus far?

Kayla Hollatz (@Kayla_Hollatz): When I decided fashion journalism wasn’t the path for me + transferred universities to pursue PR. Big risk, bigger reward!

Tina Sangha & Amanda McGinnis (@VanGirlsPR): Deciding when to move on. There comes a time when you’ve reach that peak…that learning peak.

Samantha Dickson (@Sam__Dickson): Similar to Kayla Hollatz, recognizing & accepting that what once was my passion, wasn’t anymore. Change was hard, but worth it.

Q4) What has been the best career choice you’ve made, even if didn’t appear to be at the time?

Amanda McGinnis (@AmandalMcGinnis): Deciding to take a year off school/work to travel abroad. It was costly, but the experience was definitely worth it!

Kayla Hollatz (@Kayla_Hollatz): Definitely transferring schools + uprooting my entire life to head in a new direction! My advice: Embrace the changes!

Parmida Schahhosseini (@pscha648): My best career choice was interning at a local clinic. It wasn’t paid, but it paved the way for my current internship

Q5) Is there a career choice you regret? Something you wish you’d done differently…

Yesenia Nazario (@Yesenia_J): maybe do more internships. But I don’t believe in regrets. Everything’s a new experience! We always learn something!

Elise & Jasmine (@UndrPRssr): I changed my major halfway through school, so I regret not jumping into the internship pool sooner.

Meagan Fraiser (@MeaganFraiserPR): Not building my professional network sooner. Only because it is so much fun!

Q6) What have you learned from your career choices that you’d like to share with others?

Tai (@Tie_Jackets): If your gut is nagging at you, it’s probably because it’s on to something. Don’t settle for something you’re only “ok” with.

Stephanie Clark (@xStephanieClark): Sometimes you go through a slump in your career…& its totally normal. You just have to remember to pick yourself back up again

Mackenzie Lauka (@MackenzieLauka): Don’t ever give up on your goals and dreams, nothing is beneath you if you go after it with everything you have.



The PR Girl Toolbox….

What To Do This Thanksgiving



Thanksgiving is here, and with it comes the gift of an extended weekend.  As an aspiring PR professional, it’s essential that you make the most of your spare time.  Use this break to do a few things that could potentially place you ahead of the game.

Create a LinkedIn profileLinkedIn is a professional network that allows you to list your employment history and connect with others. It’s a great tool for discovering and sharing job opportunities.

Start tweeting—If you’re not already on Twitter, what are you waiting for? Twitter is an effective way to obtain information, build your brand, and connect with professionals in your field.

Practice your PR writing—Write sample press releases, pitch letters, fact sheets, and so forth. Make it interesting by selecting clients you’re enthusiastic about. PR Newswire has a variety of press releases you can look through.

Get ready to intern—I don’t recommend applying for internships this weekend; most recruiters/employers are off for the holidays.  However, now’s the perfect time to narrow down your choices. Are you looking to complete a spring or summer internship? Which type of PR are you most interested in (sports, fashion, or entertainment, just to name a few)? You can start by skimming through or

Don’t forget to spend quality time with family and friends! Happy Thanksgiving :)

How will you be spending this holiday weekend?