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pr-pic10 Online Businesses You Can Start For Under $500

There was once a time when everyone had to stand in the queue and wait for their turn to have a test or interview and get granted with a job! The times of standing unnoticed in the queue have passed and technology has set in to help millions generate an income from the comfort of their homes.

Today’s Internet offers a huge platform to carry out your own business, be it large or small. With a little bit of dedication and hard work, you can setup your very own online business with a very small investment of just $500 or less. Millions of people are using the Internet to create some some form of income. There are a total of 10 business ideas discussed in the following paragraphs with which you can start your own online business for less than $500. So, Let’s have a look.

  1. Start Your Own Blog

More and more people are becoming self sufficient by starting their own blogs. Starting a blog can be a great way to earn money online whilst still doing something that you enjoy. You can choose the topic and if you do something that you enjoy writing about then it won’t really be like working at all. Gardening, Celebrity Gossip, Shopping, Shoes, Travel, Food, where ever your interest lies, you can blog about it and turn it into a part for full time income.

Now, you might be thinking “How do I make Money” by running a blog! Well, there are a number of ways to make money from blogging. You can simply place ads alongside your content. services like makes this simple and offers handsome payments for posting their ads on a blog or website.

You can also earn from blogs by recommending products and services alongside your content. Doing so will earn you some cash as commissions or as referral fees.

Want to get started? You can have your very own blog up and running in no time with our step by step guide on how to start a blog here.

  1. Create A Website About A Topic You Are Interested In

Creating a website is the most preferred way to do business online. If you are planning to establish a business online, you need to have a face to represent and a website is essential. With a website, you can earn by advertising, product recommendations, direct sales or selling your services.

You can also make very good money by creating websites and then once they are established selling (or flipping) them to other owners or investors. Websites like have made this process much easier in recent years.

However, while running a website you should always try to provide valuable information. People search the internet to look for solutions, so if you can provide solutions to your readers you will be rewarded with more traffic and more earnings.  As traffic flow increases, your website’s value does also, so what are you waiting for. Check out our step by step guide to creating your own website.

  1. Become a Freelancer

There are many websites over the Internet that act as a meeting place for freelancers and clients.Whether your skills lie in web design, coding, app development, graphic design, resume writing, you name it, there are people out there right now who will happily pay you for your help.

You can register yourself on sites like and and declare your areas of specialization. Clients will hire you on different projects relevant to your area of specialization.

  1. Write Content for Other Businesses

If you are fond of writing or have writing as your passion, writing content for different websites and online businesses can be a profitable way to earn some money. Millions of people are making full time and part time earnings from writing articles, books and web content for different websites and online businesses.

There are thousands of websites that offer you the opportunity to earn money by writing general and SEO content for different companies. You can even become a ghost writer and write for bloggers who don’t have time to skill set required to do the job themselves.

Websites like have made it easy for wanna be be writers to get started, you can simply register and start writing, and as long your content is of a decent quality, you can earn good money doing it.

  1. Become A Video Blogger on

How Do I Make Money? Video blogging or vlogs have become a successful way to earn substantial amounts of money. And provides the best platform for the operation. You can develop videos about anything that interests you, and post them on the site to start getting noticed. Once you get into the eyes of the users and earn some popularity, you can make money in a lot of ways.

Following are the ways in which you can earn money from video blogging:

  • Simply by creating a popular video or channel you can earn a % of the ad revenue that generats from your videos.
  • Create a video to provide information on a particular product or topic. In the end, provide the viewer with options to purchase or request for more info.
  • You can put on advertisements or promote products of other companies through an affiliate link at the end of your video.
  • You can find sponsors who would like to put their ads on your video.
  • Accept sponsorships of companies that want to reach to your viewers.
  1. Create And Sell Gigs on Fiverr

Fiverr is an online marketplace that allows anyone to sign up and sell their services for just $5. Your service can be anything from creating a logo, doing a voice over, creating a video testimonial or product review, social sharing of content. If you are interested it is well worth spending some time browsing through the gigs other people are offering on fiverr and seeing which ones are selling. Then you can create your own offer that reflects what you have to offer.

Plenty of people have used fiverr to generate thousands of dollars a month in additional income, and some have even turned it into a full time income.

  1. Import Products Cheaply From China & Sell Them On Amazon

Sites like and even offer the perfect platform to carry out your own buying and selling business. You can simply buy the most preferred products from China on lower prices and resell them on these sites on higher prices. This business can be easily pursued from home and requires very little initial investment if you start small and build your business over time.

Amazon even have a service that takes care of all your product warehousing and fulfillment services for you, so you don’t even have to worry about that. Just buy your product, ship it in bulk directly to Amazon then market it and sell it, and they will take care of the rest.

There are thousands of people who are running a full or part time business doing exactly this. Some even generate up to 6 figure incomes per month with this business model.

  1. Become a Freelance Photographer and Sell Your Photos on Stock Image Websites

Another way to earn money over the Internet is by selling your photographs. If you are a freelance photographer or even am amateur photographer , you can sell your shots on various stock photograph-selling websites and make quite a handsome earnings. Companies from all over the world need photos of just about everything imaginable. road signs, landscapes, doors, balls, grass, trees, beaches, sky-scapes, you name it, people need them and are happy to pay for them. This very website you are reading spends money every month on buying stock images to help illustrate our articles. Someone has to take the photos and get paid for it, so why not make it you?

Check out and to learn more about selling your photos.

  1. Build An Income As An Affiliate Marketer (no need for a website)

As mentioned under point 5, you can earn a lot of money simple by becoming an affiliate marketer. The most interesting fact is you can do the job even if you don’t own a website. You can obviously take advantage of social media sites and video streaming sites, Press Releases and other Web 2.0 sites. Whilst, we personally believe that you will earn better money by having your own website, there is no reason you can’t get started using these methods, and then once you start making some money “upgrade” to your own website or blog. There are many websites that offer opportunities of becoming an affiliate member and earn money by marketing their products and services.

  1. Design Smart, Funny or Catchy T-Shirts & Sell Them Through Facebook (

A creative way to do business is by creating t-shirts and selling them on Start by creating a t-shirt with your own ideas and sharing their pictures on Facebook. Once you get enough likes and people interested will produce the product and start selling them for you. Then every time one of your t-shirts sells, you earn a percentage of the profit without having to invest even a single penny. There are people earning tens of thousands of dollars a month doing this, all you need to do is come up with the ideas and slogans and see what people like and don’t like.



The PR Girl Tool Box…Landing Your Dream Job

We spend so much of our lives working, it’s really important to enjoy your job. From a young age we’re told to think about what career path we want to follow, and what our end goal is, but as we get older, it gets a little more confusing.

Working out how to get your dream job, or even what your dream job is, can be difficult. So here are our secrets to finding, and getting that dream job, as told by the Career Girl Daily experts!

Step 1: What are your goals?

What are the factors that make up your dream job? Is it location, salary, industry, flexibility, colleagues? It’s most likely to be a combination of these, but it’s important to decide what’s most important to you, what makes a job your dream career?

Step 2: How can you make it happen?

Your dream job might be to run a fashion empire or become a surgeon, but if you’re still a medical student, or working in retail, it might not be instantly realistic. These are fantastic goals, but you need to consider not only your end-game dream

These are fantastic goals, but you need to consider not only your end-game dream job but your now dream job. What will make you happiest now, and what will lead you to your end-game dream job? Be realistic about what you need to do to get to your dream job, and how long it will take to get there.

Step 3: Do your research!

Once you’ve found your dream job and it comes to applying, make sure you do your research! It might sound obvious, but knowing the name of the hiring manager, and writing why you’d like to work for that particular company can make all the difference in the world.

Step 4: How will your application be different?

An employer often receives hundreds of applications for a role, and it can be easy to skip past any that instantly look unprofessional or too long. Making yourself stand out is an excellent way to get your application read, even if you don’t end up getting the job.

Always write a personalized cover letter, which shouldn’t be more than half a page long, and if possible hand-deliver your application. You never know, you might even be able to meet the hiring manager when you deliver it, which means you’ve already made a good impression, and will be much more memorable than a good email.

Step 5: Do some networking!

Is there one company that you’ve always dreamt of working for? Why not write to them, expressing your interest in their company, and even if nothing is available at the time, a role may come up in the future, and you’ll already have a head start!

Linkedin in a wonderful resource, as are industry groups, and even Facebook pages, for meeting people in the industry you want to work in. Making connections at the companies you’d like to work for is invaluable as they can become a character witness when a job arises.

Step 6: Keep an open mind!

Even if you’ve found that one job that you’ve always wanted, there’s no point sitting around waiting for a response. Use your time applying for other roles, so that if you don’t get your dream job this time, you’ll be in a better position next time around.

Step 7: If you’re not successful, figure out why!

A beautifully written cover letter and CV might get you so far, but when it comes to it, skills are what really matters to employers. Make sure you’re applying to roles you’re qualified for, and if you aren’t getting anywhere, you can’t go wrong by asking for feedback. You might not always get it, but some people are happy to help you eventually get your dream job.

The PR Girl Tool Box…”The Goal Digger” Series (prt 4)

The 5 Day Goal Detox That Will Help You Achieve Anything


photo:Brandy Melville

Our attitude to goals is all wrong. We often think of goals as something that someone else sets for us, or something to set ourselves once a year, but goal-setting is something you should aim to do once a day.

The first thing  you need to realize is you always have goals, you will never be able to look anyone in the eye and say you’ven achieved everything you ever set out to. Life would be very boring if you had.

8% of people who set a New Year’s Resolution actually achieve it. Because we always set big, unachievable goals and give ourselves a whole twelve months to do it. That’s not the best way to work out your goals, nor is it the best way to achieve them. So we created the five-day goal detox to help us all retrain our brains and start thinking about achievement differently.



Day one: The Two-List Method

We’ve talked about this before, but listing your goals really helps to get them out of your head on down on paper. Start with 25. Which might seem like loads, but if you really think of it, from small goals to large unspecific ones, we all have goals. Circle five you’d really like to work on in the immediate future and leave the rest in your notebook (you can always come back to them!)

Day two: Edit your goals

Choose one goal out of your five that you want to work on this month. Look for easily achievable and realistic goals. It might take some time, lateral thinking and maybe even the opinion of others, but committing to one goal isn’t hard.

Day three: Now you get to break it down

That one goal will need breaking down into actionable steps that can be worked on in the amount of time you want to work on them. So for example, if you have four weeks to work on getting 100 views on your brand new blog, you should be working towards it every day or every couple of days.

Don’t push yourself too hard and be realistic, what can you do and how often can you do it? We recommend one hour a day for five days, giving yourself two days off. But you may find you want to work on your goals on the weekend, too!

Day four: Get visual

To make your goal a reality, create a vision board. Whether you use Pinterest or a similar visual website or do a good old fashion cut-and-stick board. It’s so important to create a feeling.

Get magazines, get creative and have a think about what feeling you want this goal to give you, even in the darkest days when it’s almost impossible to keep working on it. If you frame it somewhere in your house it will always remind you of where you’ve come from.

Day five: Celebrate and check-in

Hold yourself accountable for where you’re going from here. Make time to figure out what your plan is. Every five days hold a little celebration for yourself that you’ve kept going. It doesn’t have to be a party, just allow yourself those little rewards to keep yourself on track. And if you have nothing to celebrate, figure out why and be strategic about it. Don’t be negative and give up at the first hurdle!

This is how you kick-start achieving your goals. You can use it as a template whenever you need to plan a new goal, and while you’re working on it make sure to check in at the end of every week. Some people find it easier to bullet journal their goals. Focus on that feeling of achievement. Make 2017 your year…It’s going to be amazing!



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An Editor’s Tips For Boosting Productivity

Rifle Paper Co iPhone case

Are you struggling to find a productive groove this autumn season? You’re not alone! Below, our Features Editor Carrie Waller shares her perspective on battling perfectionism and finding ways to be productive amid the chaos in her fall-time freelancer lifestyle.

Many of you have probably heard the widespread rumor that 21 days is the magic number for forming a habit, and I can officially tell you that the statistic is spot-on. It has been exactly 37 days since I last updated you on my quest to add productivity to my daily routine, and I can honestly say that I’m well on my way to feeling more organized and more on top of my game than ever before.

While I wouldn’t say that I have my work-hours hustle down pat, I have learned a lot since enforcing my newly adopted habits. Dare I say it, but the shift into a more organized and productive freelancer (and human being, for that matter!) has actually started to feel natural. Both my work and my personal lives have benefited from the changes I’ve made to my routine, and in case you’re looking to add a productive pep to your own step, you’ll find my top three tried-and-true tips below!

Target table lamp

3 Tips For Boosting Productivity

1. Set An Alarm

In my introduction to this personal challenge of mine back in October, I mentioned that I was going to start setting an alarm so that I had more time in the morning to hit the ground running. This change in routine has been absolutely imperative for my mid-season success. I now get up at 6 a.m. and, although I still lay in bed for a solid 20 to 30 minutes browsing social media on my phone and reading through the emails that came in overnight, I no longer feel guilty about it. If I’m up and in the shower by 6:30 a.m., then I can be at my computer working—homemade, balanced breakfast by my side—at 7 a.m. Cracking into my to-do list earlier has single-handedly transformed my productivity. I couldn’t recommend this trick more!

2. Enforce Office Hours

One new idea that was spawned from my early rise in the morning is a steady shut-down in the evening. Admittedly, this change in my routine is more for the sake of my personal life and having more time to spend with my husband around dinner time, but I feel like my professional productivity has gained quite a bit from the change, too. To put the new rule into play, I added a quick message to my automatic email signature line, which details my office hours so that correspondents know when to expect my reply. Having official office hours keeps me moving steadily through my to-do list because I know that I only have so much time to get it all done.

Target table lamp

3. Sign Up For Trello

Another promise that I’ve made good on since my last post is signing up for a project organization service. In the end, I went with Trello because, consequently, our team here at Glitter Guide started using it to coordinate back-end items ahead of our new site launch. After learning the ropes (this post on getting your blog organized with Trello from Elle & Company gives a great breakdown of the features), I opened my own personal account and have been putting it to work organizing my pending projects, published items and other freelance to-do’s. This one is taking a little longer to adopt because I’m so used to that fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants mentality, but I think that it will stick by the new year. I’m also looking to start building a tiny team for myself in the new year, so Trello will come in handy for keeping my small staff in-the-know across the board.

As I mentioned before, I truly feel that it’s easier to tackle a challenge together, so I’d love to hear about the productivity-boosting strategies, apps and programs that have worked for you! Do tell in the comments.

What’s New @ The Evolution!

What’s New @ The Evolution!, LLC


Hello My New Blog Family,

You have really brought my blog to life for than I THANK YOU. Evolution Events, LLC  is now The Evolution! A cooperative operation (Co-Op) & Interactive Networking Community, that includes a unique perspective on lifestyle trends. We’d love to network with vendors, event professionals and other like minded individuals like yourself. Likewise we would like to take the chance to ask you, if you are still in business please continue to support and add us to your database for future events and referrals. The Evolution!  encourages and supports the development and delivery of events, and  programs abroad under partnerships with other venues, community advisors, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs, small business owner’s and other special organizations.

Indy is full of amazing neighborhoods, diverse people and really exciting events. The Evolution! will represent unique criteria from education, culture & trends, health & wellness, community service, entertaining entrepreneurship, beauty & style. I have always been the person my friends and family ask “ What’s a good place to chillax”.

The Evolution! will continue to bring you the very best in progressive events & service in the Indianapolis area that empower, educate, encourage & embrace small business and our community to ignite their passion.

I’d love to learn more about you, so shout me an email and hopefully we can find a way to work together in the future.

Coming Soon…..

~ The Evolution! Marketplace

–        The Underground Event

–        The Youth Entrepreneurship Summit

~ The Evolution! Playbook

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~ The Evolution! Society

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~ “ On The Couch ”

–        Live Interviews In The Community

Also Check Out Our…….

~ Live Broadcasts @ RadioNext.TV Mondays 7pm-10pm
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 Join Our Movement….

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~ Event Ambassador

We look forward to being of continued service to you and I hope you will enjoy the benefits of our new co-op networking community. Please let us know what your doing in your business and community, your feedback is very important to us!

Love Life…Do Good….Live Well!


Crystal Dixon

CEO The Evolution! LLC.

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Six Habits Of Ambitious People

Ambition isn’t a dirty word. Channeled correctly, it’s the motivator to a satisfying life.

Ambition gets a bad rap. The trait that pushes someone toward success can sometimes turn into a game where winning isn’t about achieving; it’s about beating the other person. Channel it correctly, however, and ambition can bring great results.

“On average, ambitious people attain higher levels of education and income, build more prestigious careers, and report higher overall levels of life satisfaction,” says Neel Burton, psychiatrist and author of Heaven and Hell: The Psychology of the Emotions. “Many of man’s greatest achievements are the products, or accidents, of their ambition.”

The key is to pursue healthy ambition: “People with a high degree of healthy ambition are those with the insight and strength to control the blind forces of ambition, shaping [it] so that it matches their interests and ideals,” says Burton. “They harness it so that it fires them without also burning them or those around them.”

Nearly anyone can be ambitious given the right internal and external stimuli, says Jason Ma, author of Young Leaders 3.0: Stories, Insights, and Tips for Next-Generation Achievers. Here are six things you can do to harness your ambition and focus on success over competition:

1. They set goals but don’t share them.

Ambitious people are goal-oriented and are always striving towards the next accomplishment, but healthy ambition involves keeping your goals private, said entrepreneur Derek Sivers in a 2010 TED Talk “Keep Your Goals To Yourself.”

Psychologists have found that telling someone your goal makes it less likely to happen, Siver explained: “Any time you have a goal, there are some steps that need to be done, some work that needs to be done in order to achieve it. Ideally you would not be satisfied until you’d actually done the work. But when you tell someone your goal and they acknowledge it, psychologists have found that it’s called a ‘social reality.’ The mind is kind of tricked into feeling that it’s already done. And then because you’ve felt that satisfaction, you’re less motivated to do the actual hard work necessary,” Siver said.

2. They are willing to take risks.

Ambition takes a willingness to step into fear and anxiety, says Burton. “Some people are better able to tolerate this fear, perhaps because are more courageous, committed, or driven, and can minimize the fear,” he says. “Ambitious people act with purpose, but allow themselves room to explore, experiment and discover.”

“Don’t be surprised if a breakthrough emerges from a well-managed crisis,” adds Ma, who is also CEO of ThreeEQ, a firm that mentors high-achieving teenagers and adults. “Ambition is the act of being an innovative change-maker.”

3. They expose themselves to new ways of thinking.

Ambitious people break away from consistent groupthink, and expose themselves to new ways of thinking.

“Talk with and learn from people different from you,” suggests Ma. “Be open to dialogue with acquaintances and even select strangers, as you may uncover interesting opportunities.”

Burton says ambition makes people resourceful: “It forces us to grow, often in unexpected ways,” he says.

4. They are focused on execution.

Often people spend the most time working on building their skill set and researching solutions or possibilities. While it’s wise to craft and execute a strategy for any given type of important vision or outcome you want to achieve, ambitious people put the main emphasis on pulling the trigger.

“An executer is one who gets shit done,” says Ma. “If your execution is poor, nothing matters.”

5. They don’t compete with other people.

Your biggest competitor should be yourself, says Ma. “Avoid the trap of comparing yourself with others, and measure success only against what you are capable of achieving,” he says. “Nothing beats hard work with focus and passion. Stretch yourself.”

6. They Surround themselves with other ambitious people.

Finally, Ma suggests applying the “power of proximity” by networking with clusters of successful people.

“[The late entrepreneur and author] Jim Rohn said: ‘You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with,’” says Ma. “Find role models. Befriend and learn from mentors. Make friends with people smarter than you and more successful in fields you are interested in.”

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The Morning Rituals of 5 Fly Female Entrepreneurs

By  | 

IHS Morning Ritual Edition

How do you kick off your day? Most of us know that our morning experiences often shape the following 12 hours.  If your morning is relaxed and productive, you’ll more than likely continue the day feeling positive and energized. Stressful and chaotic morning? Then trust and believe that you’ll spend at least several hours afterwards trying to shake it off. 

One way to make sure your mornings are as smooth and productive as possible is by creating an a.m. routine that you follow every single day. That said, I asked five fly female entrepreneurs that we all know and love, to share their morning rituals with me. Here’s what they had to say:

Necole Bitchie


Necole Bitchie: Founder of

I used to press snooze a million times, and finally wake up too late, rush out of bed and hop on my computer to start my day, all while feeling very flustered. (Yes, that also meant skipping breakfast). Now, I go to bed early, so I can wake up at 4 a.m. (7 a.m. EST) and I spend an hour of quiet time just being. Just existing. Being still. During this time, I may talk to God, or visualize my biggest dreams and goals as if they are happening right then in that moment, and I also visualize how I would like my day to go. This quiet time really makes all the difference in finding my center, and creating good energy that I end up carrying throughout my day.

I also have a gratitude rock that I hold as I think of all the things I am thankful for in my life. Being grateful for the things you have and have accomplished always brings more blessings, while stillness almost always bring clarity and perspective.


Ursula Stephen

Ursula Stephen: Celebrity Hair Stylist & Owner, Ursula Stephen the Salon

Usually the first thing I do when I open my eyes is say a prayer thanking God for blessing me with another day amongst other things. Then I check my emails. After making sure there is nothing urgent in my inbox, I stay in the bed a little longer because truth be told, I am not a morning person. When I finally get up I make the bed (note: I almost never the house without doing this). If I’m off for the day, I’ll also clean or straighten up the entire house before I leave. Once I finish straightening up, I make breakfast. It’s always the same thing – oatmeal or Kashi cereal. Last but certainly not least, it’s time get dressed. I like to get fly to face the world and any surprises or challenges the day may bring.

Ashunta Sheriff

Ashunta Sherrif: Celebrity Makeup Artist, Beauty Educator and Entrepreneur

My mother taught me the value of centering myself with prayer and meditation. I often wake up 15-30 mins before my alarm and in the dark under the covers, I begin a moment of gratitude for being blessed with another day of life. On work days which can start as early as 4 a.m. some days or go as late as 10 p.m., no one day is the same so it’s important to maintain a balance. I’m not perfect, however having this quiet morning moment helps me tremendously to set my day up properly. After I arise, a cup of warm water infused with lemon helps me to cleanse and reboot. Being grounded is very important. I was given a book called Boss Women Pray by Kachelle Kelly which contains amazing prayers, mantras and anecdotes to help women navigate through being a boss and commanding your power. I love picking it up and reading a mantra or inspiration to get focused. On my days off, I roll out my yoga mat a lot and do a simple vinyasa flow to get my blood moving. Our world is highly energetic and energy can be contagious whether positive or negative so before I walk out my door, I encircle myself visually in God’s light. I always ask The Creator that I do my best job to fulfill my life’s purpose and plan for today –  it’s my personal mantra. I stay on this regimen because being a mother, having a relationship and a career, all while developing a beauty brand requires me to be as grounded as possible, so I can be my absolute best self.


Lisa Price Headshot


Lisa Price: Founder, Carol’s Daughter

I have never been a morning person, but being a business owner and a mother have taught me to appreciate the stillness of that part of the day. Every morning whether I am home or in a hotel, I wake up and thank God for seeing another day. I look at my phone, and see what happened while I was asleep and I begin to read affirmations for the day from some of my favorite people that I follow. And then I make and drink my coffee. Nothing really begins before the coffee.

When the weather is warm, and I am home, I love to have coffee in my backyard. It is a Brooklyn backyard. Not really big but it’s green and quiet. My eight-year-old daughter, Becca, has a body alarm that goes off and she wakes up when I do, so I always have company with my coffee. (She has a more cream-filled version of “coffee”). Those chats are always very interesting and a favorite part of my day.

Luvvie Headshot

Luvvie: Writer, Digital Strategist, Speaker and Co-founder of The Red Pump Project

I wake up around 8:30/9:00 a.m. every day. I chill in bed for some time and just figure out what I want my day to look like. Then I go straight to social media to see what people are talking about, and find out what I need to weigh in. Once I have a grasp on the morning happenings, I spend 30-45 minutes answering emails. Sometimes I make a to-do list for things I have to accomplish that day and this is based on my emails or outstanding things from the night before. The days I don’t make a to-do list are the days I don’t accomplish as much.

I believe that everyone’s morning ritual should reflect their personal lifestyle habits. I’m a night owl, so rising before the sun just doesn’t work for me:

“All these articles about “the times successful people wake up” are like 4:30 a.m. I will not buy this propaganda. I will wake up at 8:30am and take another hour to roll out of bed and BAWSE out the day. Hmph!” – Luvvie via Facebook

What’s your morning ritual? Do you believe that you have to start the day super early to be productive?

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5 Reasons To Have A Work Backup Plan

Notebook  and coffee cup on wooden tableAfter you’ve been working for a little while you might find recruiters and other companies reach out to you with job opportunities – particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn. Even though it might not be the right time to move, I recommend still considering a catch-up with one of the offers that grabs your attention – ultimately as a backup plan if things were to go pear shape.

Here’s why…

1. Putting Your Feelers Out There
Meeting up with a recruiter is a way to start putting a back up plan in place, should you need it. I’m not saying it’s going to lead to a sure fire thing – obviously a job isn’t going to sit there for you until you need it – but it’s a way to put your face and name out there.

2. Building Contacts
Relationships are hugely important – it’s not what you know it’s who you know! If you start setting up Plan B it means you’ve got someone/somewhere to turn to if things were to change unexpectedly. If you’ve built a connection with someone, it’s something you draw on in a time you might need it, rather than starting from scratch.

3. You Don’t Know What’s Around The Corner
Some industries are ripe with redundancies and they can happen quite quickly. Though you could be completely safe in your job right now, do you really want to risk it and find yourself out on your own one day?

4. Keeping Your Options Open
You don’t necessarily know how you’re going to feel in a year’s time. Things could change and you might be unhappy in your job and wanting to change. And at least through having a bit of a backup plan you have a starting point to enable for that change.

5. It’s The Smart Thing To Do
A backup plan might not necessarily be in the shape or form of meeting up with a recruiter to discuss a certain role, it could be loads of different things. For some it could be a small business plan or monetary savings to cover yourself in times of need. Whatever it is, I really recommend having a fail-safe in place. It doesn’t mean you’re planning to fail, it’s simply a precautionary action to take.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had a backup plan to draw on? Or when you needed one? Please share your thoughts below!

The PR Girl Toolbox….

How parents can encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs.


October 16

An overwhelming majority of today’s employed millenials would like to start their own businesses, according to a recent poll, but many aren’t sure where to begin. Inspiring the next generation’s Sara Blakely (founder of Spanx), perhaps, or Pete Cashmore (founder of Mashable), however, isn’t as daunting as it may sound.

Our company is committed to helping grow small businesses in America, and through our national philanthropic initiative, Communities with HART, we work with groups like Junior Achievement USA to help today’s small businesses grow while also inspiring a new generation of entrepreneurs. The experience has taught us some important lessons about working with children and preparing them for the business world.

Here are a few of our favorite tips for parents to help inspire future entrepreneurs.

1.Start early

Don’t wait until your teens are applying for their first jobs to teach them important life skills. Learning and refining both the hard and soft skills needed to run a company can start long before your child receives their diploma. Help your son or daughter get ahead of the competition by working with them to:


• Develop good listening and communication skills: A successful business owner must have the ability to listen to his or her team and clearly communicate their ideas.

• Build up their confidence: Confidence is a prerequisite to launching and operating your own business. Build your child’s confidence in simple ways like celebrating when he or she aces a math test or reaches a personal goal.

• Become better money managers: Teach your children good financial practices at an early age by teaching them how to budget money and spend wisely. Take your teachings a step further by helping them open a bank account and save their allowance, or create a savings plan for an item they want to purchase.

2.Follow their passion

Rather than dismiss Generation Z as too preoccupied with technology, take the time to get to know your child and their unique interests. You’ll likely discover that their interests span far beyond selfies and Instagram. According to a survey conducted by recruitment agency Intern Sushi, more than 75 percent of Generation Z would like to turn their hobby into a full-time job.

Maybe your daughter passionate about sports. Does your son love helping out in the kitchen? With some motivation and the right tools, your child could turn a hobby into a potential business idea.

3.Encourage them to branch out

 There’s perhaps no greater feeling than knowing that you have someone in your corner rooting for your success. Encourage your child to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. Joining a team sport or school club is a great way to fine-tune the skills needed to become an entrepreneur.

Extracurricular activities teach valuable skills like leadership, personal accountability, and effective collaboration. A successful entrepreneur isn’t afraid to roll up his or her sleeves, take a risk and try something new.

4.Find a mentor

What better way for your teen to learn about starting their own business than through mentorship from a local business leader? There are a number of programs available across the country to help children and teens explore entre­pre­neur­ship and learn the ins and outs of running their own business.

For instance, we have partnered with Junior Achievement USA to help reimagine their JA Company Program – an interactive and innovative entrepreneurship program that links high school students with mentors and provides them with the tools needed to create and operate an actual business. JA alums include Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Kim Kaupe, cofounder of the Wall Street Journal’s 2013 Startup of the Year ZinePak.

So, whether it’s taking a more active role in your teen’s extracurricular activities or taking advantage of a community entrepreneurship experience, it’s never too soon for you – and your child – to start thinking about his or her future and the promise of entre­pre­neur­ship. Some of the country’s most successful business owners got their start by mowing lawns or making jewelry long before they graduate high school.

You never know if your son’s quirky talent or daughter’s unique passion just might turn into the next billion-dollar business venture.

Diane Cantello is vice president of corporate social responsibility at The Hartford.

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