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Fly Female Entrepreneur: Ngozi Opara

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Interview by: Jade Earle

The natural hair movement in our community is driving a decrease in relaxer sales and increase in styling product purchases. As more and more women are embracing their gorgeous textures (some for the very first time), the search for the best product and the most flattering style is an ongoing quest.

With so many products and styles to choose from, the options can be overwhelming to say the least. As the owner of NZO Hair Studios in Washington, D.C., Ngozi Opara has been a God-send to countless women in the area making the transition from relaxed to natural hair. Protective styles aren’t for everyone, but Ngozi quickly realized that women needed more options – and fast.  The purpose of protective styling is to shield the hair from heat and the damage associated with it (let’s face, we’ve all been there). After giving it plenty of thought and consideration, Ngozi figured out what the industry was missing – hair that more closely matched her client’s multi-textured hair without using any heat. She totally nailed it and began taking steps towards bringing Heat Free Hair to life.

Today on In Her Shoes, Ngozi talks about the challenges and successes of her journey to remind you that if you have an idea you’re ready to take to market, the only thing standing in your way is YOU.

In Her Shoes: Now that Heat-Free Hair has been up and running for two years, is there any concern, topic or issue within the natural hair community that you hope to address specifically with your line?

Ngozi: Absolutely! When Heat Free Hair first launched we were a foreign concept to a lot of people. The idea of having human hair extensions that blend with the different textures and curl patterns of natural hair was something that the Black hair care industry was not exposed to so naturally, we became an easy target for a lot of criticism. The biggest being that some people felt that “you cannot be considered natural if you’re wearing extensions”. I think in our two and half years of operating that mindset has shifted and natural women are now seeing that having this option can aid their natural hair journey. I hope to continue to address these benefits as we go forward.

Ngozi Factory
In Her Shoes: Many entrepreneurs choose to expand their e-commerce business by investing in a physical brick-and-mortar shop. Do you plan on growing your business off-line as a store?

Ngozi: When I started The Heat Free Hair Movement my mind was set on not just creating protective style options through our products, but on creating an experience that women could really feel connected to. Years ago, I worked for Carol’s Daughter and had the pleasure of managing one of their retail stores. My experience there taught me how much women value an in person experience and really allowed me to service customers’ needs in ways that an online presence could not. A physical brick-and-mortar shop is definitely a future goal of ours and I cannot wait!

In Her Shoes: You’ve mentioned before that you’ve conducted business internationally with an interpreter. How do you balance your business matters on an international level, especially when there are language barriers?

Ngozi: I am blessed to have a very solid trustworthy team of managers, technicians, and workers in my factory overseas, but cultural differences do make things a little more challenging. What has made things easier for me was the time I spent living in China while in hair manufacturing school. Most of my factory managers today are my former classmates so we taught each other a lot about our respective cultures. Although I am in the process of learning Chinese now, when I am there I have a full-ime translator with me so that the language barrier is not an issue. I think the most important way to balance matters on an international level is to plan in advance and prepare for the worst.

Screen Shot 2015-06-23 at 8.34.08 AM

In Her Shoes: What is a day like in your shoes? 

Ngozi: A day in my shoes consists of getting up at 6am to meditate and pray, followed by an intense work out with my personal trainer or a bike ride through my neighborhood. After I exercise, I usually read for 30 mins to an hour and then head to our office (thankfully 5 mins away from my home). Between the clients that come in, conference calls, staff meetings, and planning, I am usually in the office for 8-10 hours a day. After the office, I usually have a dinner meeting planned and then HGTV is my best friend till I fall asleep lol. My daily routine is fun for me, however I make sure I make up any lapse in excitement when I travel (I must do that often to stay sane).

In Her Shoes: Have you noticed any differences in the way women from other countries regard your Heat-Free Hair movement versus American women?

Ngozi: Generally speaking Heat Free Hair has gotten a positive response from women all over the world. I think with the help of YouTube and many other social media platforms, women all around the world get instant access to what’s “trending” stateside and also have beautiful imagery online that evokes hair inspirations. I have to be honest, I was shocked when I arrived in Africa last year and women knew who I was or had heard of Heat Free Hair because for the longest kinky textures of hair were not what women there strived for. It was really beautiful to hear that Heat Free Hair encouraged them to wear their natural texture confidently.

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In Her Shoes: With the saturation of the natural hair market, how do you stand out from your competitors?

Ngozi: One of the reasons I think Heat Free Hair is unique is because we manufacture the products that we sell. I never wanted to get into buying and selling (via trading company sites or 3rd party vendors) because I wanted to confidently be able to know my product in and out. I was a part of creating the technology to develop the textures of hair we have and that gives me the ability to develop based on our customers’ needs and stand behind our product with confidence. I simply believe that if you have a good product, remain consistent, and focus on your goals, you will always stand out.

In Her Shoes: I’ve read that you actually saved almost every paycheck from your previous job in finance before Heat-Free Hair really took off. Do you have any advice for entrepreneurial women who need to balance their passion with the cost of living?

Ngozi: Gosh those days (lol)! Yes, I never spent a penny from my job as a financial analyst and was eventually able to use the money I earned as the seed needed to start and operate Heat Free Hair. I had a small hair studio on the side and used the money I made from that to survive so I will always suggest having multiple streams of income especially when you have a goal in mind. I will never forget when my college pastor asked me “If your job is your only source of income then how will you pay your bills if you lose your job?” That hit home for me and I have never had one stream of income ever since.

To learn more about Ngozi and Heat Free Hair visit

Wellness Wednesday 7/1

Do You Yoga?

This Wellness Wednesday I am going to share with you my first Yoga class, as you all know and if you didn’t now you do…sometimes like most Americans it’s hard for me to relax. When I am relaxing I’m already trying to figure out the next thing I need to be doing (instead of relaxing)…my stress level can sometimes get the best of me. So I try to find creative & fun ways to do things, and my just as creative friends know my problem and always come to my rescue. So when a friend of mine Tracy suggested I try her Yoga class, I’m like I don’t have time for that “Num Yo Ho Raghankio (in my Tina Turner chant).

Tracey advised it’s nothing like that, “you know how to breath don’t you, well it’s all in control of your breathing”…well, I figure what the heck she is my friends so she wouldn’t put me in incompromising situations. I tried it…I Loved It (even though I fell asleep my first session) yeah I won’t be showing you those pictures, but I’ve been a few times since then, I think I got a rhythem now….let me show you what I’ve learned.

Basic Tips You Get Started…..

#1 Take a deep breath out: Often we equate yoga with some tough, limb-twisting poses. And aren’t you sometimes concerned that: “I can’t even touch my toes, how can I do yoga?” Yoga is not about touching your toes, or stretching 98 degrees to your north-east. Its a simple process of uniting with yourself – using your breath, body and the mind. And its easy and effortless.

So, never mind if you’re not Ms Flexible, or you’re venturing into yoga at the age of 40, or you have secret love handles which are stressing you out – remove all those myths! The only one watching you is yourself – so just relax. The journey will be enjoyable and relaxing.

#2 Follow the tradition: It is best to start learning the yoga practice under the guidance of a qualified yoga teacher who can lead you through the correct way of doing each technique. This would help you learn yoga postures properly and avoid possible injuries. Some of the philosophies or techniques taught in yoga may be new. It is a good idea to keep an open mind as it will help broaden and enhance your yoga experience.

#3 Your doctor and yoga teacher is just a call away: If you have a medical condition, inform your yoga instructor prior to the commencement of the training. It will help the teacher customize your yoga posture practice.

#4 Simple wearing, high thinking: Wear comfortable clothing while going for the yoga class or when practicing yoga at home. Also, avoid wearing belts or excessive jewelry as it could get in the way of yoga practice.

#5 Wake up at cuckoo’s call: Although it is best to practice yoga postures early morning, if it doesn’t happen, don’t let it be an excuse to not practice yoga at all! You can do it any time of the day as per convenience.

#6 Lighter stomach aids to your yoga practice: It is advised to practice on an empty stomach or at least 2-3 hours after your last meal. Also it’s advised to at least have three to four litres of water during the day as it will help you to flush out the toxins out of the body which are released duing your yoga practice.

#7 Set the tone right before you start: Sukshma Vyayam or gentle warm-up exercises help loosen up the body and prepare it for the yoga postures coming ahead. 

#8 Smile to take you through the miles: See the difference for yourself. Keeping a gentle smile relaxes the body and mind and helps you enjoy the yoga postures much more.

 #9 Slow and steady yoga posture wins the race: The ancient yogic text, Patanjali Yoga Sutra, defines yoga posture (asana) as Sthira Sukham Asanam. Do only as much as you comfortably can and then just stretch a bit more (to improve body flexibility). Use the breath as a reference point, when it is light and long, then the muscles begin to relax, but when it is jagged or uneven, it means you have over-exerted. Going slightly beyond your comfort zone will keep the yoga practice interesting and will add a spark of challenge as you progress and adopt new postures.

#10 Every yoga posture is unique, like you: Wherever you are in the yogic posture, that is fine for you. Avoid comparing yourself to other students in the yoga class. Remember that each body type is unique and different people are at different levels of expertise. Some might easily perform a particular asana, while the others may need a little more time and practice to get there. Therefore, don’t feel pressurized and exert yourself.
Do not be alarmed if you experience some soreness in the muscles during the initial days of the practice. But if there is any pain, inform your instructor immediately.The crux here is to be regular with your yoga practice and have patience. Just like any other discipline it will take its own time.

#11 Energy transformed!: As you complete yoga posture practice, don’t be in a great hurry to get up and start moving about with the tasks lined up for the day. It is a good idea to lie down in Yoga Nidra for a few minutes, as it helps cool down the body and consolidate the energy produced through yoga posture practice. Yoga Nidra is also beneficial in completely relaxing the mind and body after the yoga workout.

You will be able to experience its subtler and deeper benefits only by practicing yoga regularly over a period of time. Yoga encompasses yoga postures, timeless ancient philosophy, pranayamas (breathing techniques) and meditations, which take you beyond the body level, offering a deeper spiritual experience.

So give yourself that time and be patient. The rewards of regular practice will unfold in ways you could not imagine before. Happy practicing, yogis!

 “You can read in books how to do a yoga posture correctly,
how to breathe in or how to breathe out, but books cannot
give you that experience of union that yoga truly means. For
information to get converted into experience, you need
proper guidance (a master).”
– Kamlesh Barwal, International Art Of Living Yoga Director

“My Life, My Vibe” July 2015

summer breeze 2

I’m Back Ya’ll and YES It’s FINALLY Summer….

I’ve been going thru the house singing….

Summer breeze makes me feel fine, Blowing through the jasmine in my mind – Isley Brothers. Summer is one of my favorite seasons, even though my work load is chaos this time of the year from backyard bbq’s, mobile festivals, pool side marketing/promotions to roof top launch parties it actually doesn’t feel like work.

Outside of work however I love summer because you can do so much outside, like going to the park after a long day’s work. In summer it’s very nice to go camping and sit next to a fire with a drink. I love to get a good book to read along the poolside (when I have time of coarse).  

We have 101 Days of Summer, so what do you plan to do with them…will you be on the beach, in the park, with an ice cream cone, dancing in the rain… what ever brings you pleasure this summer share your love & passion with others.

 Also, don’t forget we always give you your Motivational Mondays, Wellness Wednesdays, Fly/Fresh Fridays and “Things We Are Lovely Lately”….so stay tuned and be inspired…many blessings!

We look forward to being of continued service to you and I hope you will enjoy the benefits of our new co-op networking community. Please let us know what your doing in your business and community, your feedback is very important to us!

Monthly Affirmation: “True Self” –  Forget what you’ve been taught so you can remember what you know – Alan Cohen

Love Life…Do Good…Live Well!


My Favorite Summer Songs

“Summer Time” – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

“Little Red Corvette” – Prince

“Life Is A Highway” – Tom Cochrane

“Whoomp! (There It Is)” – Tag Team

“Back & Forth” – Aaliyah

  Cocktails For The Month


Mango Daiquiri

Sparkling Sangria

Bahama Mama

Summer Breeze

“Join The Movement”

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Money Matters…..

Uncle Sam Wants to Help You Save Money – Really

usa  uncle sam counts us...

Want to put your tax dollars to work for you? Online and in print, the federal government publishes thousands of ideas that will help you save money from womb to tomb. Here some highlights:

A Place to Search

The Government Printing Office offers a directory of 380,000 documents, in 41 collections, that have been accessed more than 200 million times.

Your One-Stop Savings Stop

Another good place to start is Under its life events tab, this site offers advice from how to prepare financially for the birth of a baby and the attendant expenses through major life events like buying a house, getting a mortgage and planning a funeral. Under the tools tab, the site also offers calculators on figuring out student loan repayment plans, tax withholding amounts and credit card repayment schedules.

Insurance and Investing also offers plenty of advice on all aspects of your life, including homeowners insurance and investing. This is the go-to website for all consumer issues. On, the Securities and Exchange Commission will help you research investments and brokers.

Save on Food

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s FoodKeeper app — free at the Google Play and iTunes stores — tells you how long food can stay fresh and when it’s time to toss it. It should keep you from throwing away the 36 pounds of perfectly good food that the average American family throws away every month. The USDA also offers tips on growing your own food. You can find advice on nutrition, dieting, eating healthy on a budget, food safety and recall notices from the Centers for Disease Control website.

Slash That Utility Bill

The Department of Energy’s website is one of the best money-saving sites to help save on all your home energy. The site offers DIY project how-to’s to make your home more energy-efficient. Spring gardening tips to save water and offer shade before the summer heat make this a site to visit before hitting Home Depot. This site offers a laundry list of ways to save on energy, from lighting and landscaping to yes, saving money on doing your laundry.

Paying for College

The Department of Education website is a must-read for this huge undertaking. It offers comprehensive information on student loans and federal grants. You may think you make too much money to apply for these programs, but at least check out and then to fill out the FAFSA, the one form virtually every college requires to apply for financial aid.

Strange but True Tax Help

The Internal Revenue Service offers advice to save money and places to help you file for free yourself or at low-income taxpayer clinics (run by groups independent of the IRS) and Volunteer Income Tax Assistance for elderly and low-income taxpayers. Publication 910 is a guide to the various IRS publications.

Vacations and Recreation

On, Uncle Sam shows his fun side with info on spelunking, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, fishing and mountain climbing. Here you can make reservations for camping or overnight stays at hundreds of parks and facilities run by a dozen federal agencies at more than 60,000 federally run locations. The about us tab includes how to get free tickets to popular activities like the White House Easter egg roll and holiday tree lighting. Seniors can check out discounts on Amtrak and parks and recreation passes.

There’s an App for That

There are hundreds of free government apps available for Android and iOS. Dwellr, an interesting one from the Census Bureau, gives info on housing statistics, home values and lifestyle by neighborhood, a very useful app if you’re looking to move, actually on the ground house-shopping or just dreaming about it. The Bureau of Engraving’s Eyenote app can read U.S. currency on an iPhone or Android device and speak the denomination back to the visually impaired.

Save Money on Your Car and Driving offers ways to calculate your mileage, tips on driving to save mileage, a calculator for saving money while driving on vacation and an app for finding places to get alternative fuels for your plug-in hybrid or electric vehicle. If you’re selling a car, the site can find its fuel economy and how to print a label to advertise it. This site also offers tips on buying a fuel-efficient car and where to find the cheapest gas. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration‘s SaferCar app offers tips like washing the undercarriage of your car in states that salt the roads to prevent rust and dangerous corrosion.

Free Money?

Not really, as says. “Many people have heard that the government will give you money for almost any reason. This is not true. You must complete an application and meet specific eligibility requirements in order to receive financial assistance from the government.” However, you may qualify for some sort of grant or loan if you are a senior, run a small business, farm or quality under low-income guidelines.


Summer Fun Without Breaking The Bank….

Summer Fun Without Breaking the Bank

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Summer post

Photo Credit: Travel Noire

By In Her Shoes Guest Blogger, Jennifer Streaks

This is my absolute favorite time of the year. A time filled with beaches, music festivals and of course, traveling! With so much to do, it can really put a hit on your wallet. So how do you enjoy the summer without overspending? How do you stick to a budget and continue to save? Let’s see…

Set an activity budget: It is easy to get swept up in all the events that will be taking place over the next few months, but make sure that you are clear about how much you want to spend and your financial goals. These don’t change just because it’s summertime, so set a limit on how much you will spend every week or month on these activities and stick to it!

Look for sales: Right before the holidays, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, the grocery store will have sales on commonly needed items for that barbeque, make a list and stock up. Hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks etc. will be marked down so reap the savings. Go to places like Costco or Sams’ club and save even more!

Need an outfit for all of those outings? Once we get to the end of June and early July, you will start to see sales on the spring clothes as the stores want to make way for fall. Be on the look-out and pick up 4 to 5 dresses or outfits all on sale! That way you are set for the summer outings. Also, don’t forget that you can always rent a dress! I love this option and have used it myself. I have enough cocktail dresses hanging in my closet never to be worn again and if you know this will be a one and done event, definitely rent a dress!

Traveling? Plan ahead and leave early! The two most important tips bear repeating: take the time to plan ahead to take advantage of lower prices and if you can travel earlier in the morning (which is usually an unpopular time) then do it. You will see the savings!

Take these tips for a financially stress-free summer!

 Jennifer Streaks is a smart and savvy journalist that covers finance issues and lifestyle topics. Her byline has appeared in Black Enterprise, Huffington Post, the Motley Fool, Women & Co. & Yahoo! Finance to name a few.

She tweets @jstreaks and can be found at

Community News…Reggie Wayne Key To the City Luncheon

Dear IBE Friends and Family,

Indiana Black Expo announced today that former Indianapolis Colt Reggie Wayne will receive the Key to the City of Indianapolis from Mayor Greg Ballard during the Pacers Sports & Entertainment Corporate Luncheon presented by Indiana University.  The luncheon will take place on Friday, July 17 at 11:00 PM in Halls D&E of the Indiana Convention Center as part of the 45th Annual Summer Celebration.


“Reggie has given back to our community on and off the field, and I am thrilled to present him with the key to the city,” said Mayor Ballard.  “From being a fan favorite throughout his years wearing the Colts jersey, to lending his time and energy to benefit countless good causes in Indianapolis, Reggie has been a role model to many.”


“We are excited about honoring Reggie Wayne and declaring the last weekend of Summer Celebration ‘Reggie Wayne Weekend,'” said Tanya Bell, IBE president & Chief Executive Officer.  “Besides his greatness as one of the best NFL wide receivers and the stellar example he set for the Colts franchise, Reggie has done so much for our community and we want to make sure that the state of Indiana is provided with an opportunity to thank him for his contributions,” added Bell.  “Reggie has always supported the mission of Indiana Black Expo and has invested significantly in our youth.  IBE will be forever indebted to #87,” added Bell.


Reggie Wayne played college football for the University of Miami and was drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in the first round (30th overall) of the 2001 NFL Draft.  He is a six-time Pro Bowl selection, and was a member of the Colts’ Super Bowl XLI championship team.  He is currently sixth all-time in NFL receiving yards (leading all active players in both categories) and tied for 22nd all-time in career touchdown receptions.


The Corporate Luncheon is the largest luncheon in the state of Indiana with nearly 3,000 guests.  Tickets of $60 each and tables for $600 are available Click here or at the IBE box office located at 3145 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis, Indiana. 


IBE will honor Reggie Wayne throughout Summer Celebration weekend.  The full schedule of events will be published for the community.  A “Thank You Reggie” exhibit will be featured during the Cultural Arts Pavilion from Friday, July 17 – Sunday, July 19.  The community will also have an opportunity to sign a display and see Reggie Wayne during the Annual Amp Harris & Reggie Wayne Saving Our Youth Celebrity Basketball game on Saturday, July 18 at 6:00 PM in Hall J of the Indiana Convention Center.


For additional information, call 317.925.2702.

Community News….Juneteenth 150th Anniversary Celebration

Juneteenth 150th Anniversary Celebration
Saturday, June 20
10 a.m. – 4 p.m.

Celebrate the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth at the Eiteljorg with music, performances, demonstrations, food and fun for the entire family. Juneteenth, or Emancipation Day, is a holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the state of Texas. Join the celebration and explore what freedom means to you and your family, chat with community partners, learn to trace your family history, help create a community mural and so much more. In honor of the 150th anniversary of Juneteenth, the celebration and museum admission will be free for all on June 20. To view a detailed schedule for the day’s festivities please click here.



Community News……Tamir Rice National Toy Drive


F.Y.I. Everyone!   Spread the word!  To share on Facebook, please click on the link below! – MT

On June 25th, what would have been Tamir Rice’s Birthday, there is a National toy drive in Tamir Rice’s name for local charities for kids in each city. Here in Indianapolis, we will be collecting toys for kids.

*In support of the Coburn Place, we would request donations of *new* childrens’ socks and underwear because that is what they told us is most needed by kids in their center.

We hope to see a lot of people turn out with toys and new socks and underwear for the children who need it in this city.

On June 25th, Indy10 will be present to assist w/donations and instructions. This will be going on through the 27th, when all the collections will be brought to the Coburn Place.

Kheprw Institute
3549 Boulevard Pl
Indianapolis, IN

Date: June 25th
Time:9:00 AM-6:00 PM
June 26th-27th
12:00 PM -6:00 PM

“Things I’m Loving Lately” (June)

Find. Eat. Drink. App

pic 1

Why spend hours scouring the Internet for good restaurants when you can get immediate feedback from the experts? This app features over 5,000 recommendations from respected chefs, bartenders, sommeliers, and industry insiders around the world, so you’ll always know where to go—even in a pinch. 
Get Daily Finds via e-mail


pic 2

Dirty Candles in Fragrance,Home,Natural,Organic

I have a soft spot for scented candles. Burning scented candles leave a lovely ambiance in your home – it truly turns a house into a home, especially in winter. Since we don’t have winter in Malaysia, I like burning candles in the evenings or in an air-conditioned room. Somehow, the scent lingers better.

These days, I’ve been relaxing with Dirt Candles’ Take it Easy – a lovely blend of lavender and vanilla scents.

Dirt Candles are natural soy candles infused with blends of essential oils to create the mood you want. Unlike other scented candles I own, I find the scents in Dirt Candles longer lasting yet mild. Just sniffing the new candle relaxes me right away and leaving the candle in a room without burning is good enough! The smell is sharp but not chemical and the scent fills the room beautifully without being overpowering. It comes with a cover so you can cover it up when its not being burnt which also stoppers up the scent. One thing I noticed was that when I blew out the candle after a while, there was no sharp acrid smell I usually get when a candle goes out – the smell remained pleasant and it lasts a long while.

Lately, to unwind, I’ve been combining Dirt Candles with The Best of Olivia CD – Olivia Ong is a Singaporean singer with a lovely crystal clear voice that sends shivers down my spine. She sings in English and Japanese and I discovered her CD during a dinner at a Japanese restaurant where her songs were playing!

Olivia and Dirt Candles are the best way to unwind and relax your mind after a long day – I turn down the lights, pop in The Best of Olivia and luxuriate in the calm cocoon of relaxation to recharge myself for the next day ahead. Ahh…

pic 3

Dirt Candles are 10oz and retail for RM100 at Tiny Tapir. Don’t worry about receiving them by post – I did and the glass container came safely. They have a burn time of approximately 60 hours and come in 25 scents. Apparently, once you are done burning them, you can use the glass for drinking – how about that?!

Oh and one more thing, because its 100 organic soy, you can dip your finger in some of the melted wax and apply to your skin as a scented body cream. I tried it and to my surprise it works and I did not burn my finger. There is no waxy feel and it feels nice and light on the skin plus the scent is lovely and warm.

I’m already planning to get another – now should I get A Fresh Start or After Hours? Though personally, the blend in Wedded Bliss sounds right up my alley, I wish the name wasn’t as damning for us single ladies

My Sista’s Business….Urmila Singhal

Featured Mompreneur Urmila Singhal of Om Spark LLC



Why Did You Start Your Business?

I worked in Microsoft for over 12 years, a large part of which was in the Bing Ads Platform. During this time, I learnt about the difficulties that small businesses faced with their online presence. Om Spark was started to help small businesses with their online branding and marketing needs.
As a new business, you have a lot to focus on – building your business, increasing your customer base, accounting, finances, employees and so much more. Leave it up to OmSpark to be your partner in building your brand awareness and boost your marketing and customer acquisition efforts.

What Do People Love About Your Business?

Our customers love the personalized attention, on-time and within budget delivery and of course the rock bottom prices.


What are people saying about Om Spark LLC?

Customers have shown their love for Om Spark on Facebook, Google+ and Yelp.
“My business has thrived thanks to Urmila and her expertise! Working with Urmila will be one of the best business decisions you could make – give her a try! You will be pleased beyond your expectations”
“Urmila quickly and painlessly ironed out all of my technical issues related to my business website and email that had plagued me for many months.”
“I am so glad I chose to work with Urmila.  Her customer service is exceptional and the final webpage is just what I was wanting.”
You can read more about the testimonials at

If you were to start your business all over, what advice do you wish you had received?

People really need your help, start doing that ASAP.

Are there any discounts or special offers you would like to offer readers?

Free Website Evaluation,  Free half hour consultation, Free Google Analytics Setup and Basic Report. You can read more about it at

For more information about Urmila with Om Spark LLC, connect with her:


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