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My Sista’s Business (A Man’s Edition)…Charnier Corey

Charnier Corey

In HIS Shoes | 26 Aug 2013

Charnier Corey, Captain of Leisure Life NYC

Everyone knows that style grows in Brooklyn and for many of the borough’s movers and shakers, it also comes with endless creativity and an entrepreneurial spirit. Today on In His Shoes we’re getting into the mind of Charnier Corey, the “captain” of BK’s newest retail hot spot, Leisure Life NYC. Perfect location on one of the most popular avenues in BK? Check. Classic meets contemporary design aesthetic? Check. Owned by one of the borough’s flyest fashion ambassadors? Check.

Located in the heart of Clinton Hill on Myrtle Avenue, Leisure Life is poised to become Brooklyn’s go-to destination for menswear. Just in time for New York Fashion Week, we caught up with Charnier to discuss the inspiration behind his brand, whether or not style is something you’re just born with, and why he chose Myrtle Avenue as the home for his newest business venture:

In Her Shoes: Tell us a little bit about your career prior to launching Leisure Life NYC:

Charnier: Prior to launching Leisure Life NYC I had a wide variety of jobs. When I first moved to New York in 2002, I did demolition work on a construction job in Harlem. I was Accounts Payable assistant for Vibe/Spin Ventures which handled the accounting work for both Vibe and Spin Magazines. I taught at Lafayette Educational Complex  in Coney Island, P.S. 163 in Manhattan and also Boys and Girls School on the Lower East Side. All the while I have been pursuing a career as a visual artist. While I’ve worked in several industries, I think all of the jobs I’ve held have prepared me for my responsibilities as the founder of Leisure Life NYC.

In Her Shoes: What influenced your decision to open a boutique on Brooklyn’s Myrtle Avenue?

Charnier: We chose Brooklyn’s Myrtle Avenue because the neighborhood is an untapped market full of artists, students and creative business professionals. We have seen the shift and development in Brooklyn and we would like to be included in the new group of Brooklyn-based boutiques and businesses. The development around the Barclay Center in downtown Brooklyn as well as the impending development of the Brooklyn Navy Yard also impacted the decision. We saw our business model for Leisure Life NYC as being perfect for the cross-section in this neighborhood. The final determining factor was the boutique’s backyard which will be the backdrop for quite a few fun, cross-marketing events in the months to come.

Grand Puba

In Her Shoes: Who are your top three fashion influences (past and present)?

Charnier: Eric Chapman,  Frankie Beverly, and Grand Puba.

When I was young in Fort Wayne, Indiana, there was a gentleman named Eric Chapman. I remember seeing him in a particular outfit that always – to this very day –  inspire me to dress well. His attire was an Adidas Olympic sweatshirt, Levi’s 501 hard denim, and Run DMC “Attitude” Adidas. As a 12-year-old looking on it was the best outfit I had ever seen in my entire life.

A little later I discovered Grand Puba and he elevated my vision of what I thought was fly. His Tommy Hilfiger sweatshirts and rugbys, Girbaud jeans and Vasque boots were a major influence on my personal style as a high school senior.

By the time I discovered Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, I was enamored with the lead singer’s clean look and classic sense of style. I didn’t try to emulate Frankie Beverly’s style but I definitely used him as a model for what I wanted to look like as a mature adult. Wearing white, beige or cream with his ever present cap and beard, Frankie Beverly represented menswear to me before I knew of such a thing.

In Her Shoes: What is a day like in Charnier’s shoes?

Charnier: I wake up at about 5 or 6  a.m. usually before everybody else in the house. I like to start moving when the house is quiet to check my email and social media. Then my wife and I get the kids together for school.

After everybody is ready to go, I drop my wife off at the train and the kids at school. Sometimes I get breakfast which consists of aloo pie with saltfish and sorrel to drink. If I have to check on production I head to the factories, if not I head to the shop. When I’m at the shop, I’m entertaining new clients, taking meetings to encourage new business opportunities and encouraging a general sense of well-being in the community. I spend many hours at Leisure Life NYC promoting my product and the product of others but it never feels like work. On the few nights where there’s an event I have to attend, I usually get dressed at the shop and head out. But on the normal nights I lock the doors and rush off to try and catch my kids before they get in the bed, then I check emails and social media, watch a little SportsCenter or a movie, and go to sleep.

In Her Shoes: What is your personal definition of style? Do you think it can be learned/taught or is it something you’re just born with?

Charnier: Style is the way someone walks, talks, acts, dresses or presents an idea. In my opinion, style is something we’re born with but we can also get style tips to enhance our personal style. The most stylish people are the ones who are willing to take risks. Like for instance, a person like Andre 3000 is very stylish but he has taken many risks to find and develop his own personal sense of style. I think it is important to always present an image that is not readily available. When I dress I like to display my individuality by putting together outfits that mix both vintage and contemporary in a way that is both clean-cut and sharp. Style is constantly evolving and as you mature and increase your fashion vocabulary your style should advance as well. So, when it comes to people with impeccable style, their style can get better. For those with bad style, I guess they still have a chance.

In Her Shoes: What’s next for Leisure Life NYC?

Charnier: We plan to host our grand opening event at the boutique in mid-September. We’ll also be introducing a more complete line of about 10 to 12 pieces with our Fall ’13 line of Leisure Life NYC products consisting of shirts, jackets, hats and more – all made in NYC. We are importing handmade shoes from Namibia made out of kudu hide called “vellies”. The shoes were the precursor to the now famous Clark desert boot. And we have found a family that has been making them for over 30 years in Namibia. We are also revamping our online shop and website to enhance the layout, format and overall goal of our online experience. We have some big-name collaborations coming in the future as well. And last but not least, we’re looking forward to working with people like Ignacio Quiles, Fuse Green, Salehe Bembury and Ali of A Noble Savage.

To learn more about Leisure Life NYC visit or visit the boutique at 559 Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, New York.


Fly Friday 8/30

“My Shoe Game”

You guys know that I’m into shoes from flats , heels, pumps, stilettos, sandals, sneakers and heels. Shoes are a work of art for your feet, an accesory  and more, here are a few of my shoe crushes that have brought  out the best in me either, I’m shopping, doing my PR work, or just hanging with friends…but my favorite shoe muse right now would have to be Kelly Rowland, girl has a mean shoe game. Check out other celerbity shoe game divas and let me know  what is your best shoe game? ….hot stuff! xoxo

My on the grind PR getting the account soft fabric stilletos!!!

My leopard boots (anytime, anywhere)

My multi color snake skin shoes (church)


A Peek At Fall Fashion 2013


fall 6

fall 1

Look of the Day photo | Georgie Look of the Day photo | Milla Schon Concept 

Faux Leather Moto Jacket                             Wool, acrylic, silk and cotton Blazer   Look of the Day photo | O'2nd   fall 4

Rose Jaquard Trousers (polyester, wool and cotton )

Look of the Day photo | Zara   fall 2

Wrap Around Cardigan (Cotton, polyester)

fall 3

Make a Statement Outfit (combo)

There’s no question that this sculpted skirt demands all attention. And rightly so, thanks to its jacquard check fabric, asymmetrical hem, ribbon trimming and angled peplum. But instead of predictably topping it with something subdued, pack a one-two punch with a zesty orange loose knit.

  • Look of the Day photo | Combo 3: Speak to Your Soft Sidefall 7

 Soften the gradient grid pattern with a marbled pastel sweater. The dark cuffs, neckline and hem perfectly complement the skirt’s contrasting lines. Sleek enough for the office and casual enough for after-hours, this combination has the best of both worlds.

  • Look of the Day photo | Combo 9: Gear Up for High Shinefall 5

Treat this patent finish like it’s the star. To avoid direct competition with the glossy midi, keep quiet on loud embellishments. Any neutral wool knit will do, but for an extra oomph, pull over a contrasting floral pattern with the teensiest hint of sparkle.

A fashion look from August 2013 featuring Dorothy Perkins blouses, BLANKNYC jackets and Mango capri. Browse and shop related looks.      Sleeveless Blazer #2
“Denim Diary”
denim 1
Pastel and DenimLuxe List: Giuseppe Zanotti
denim 2
Sleeveless Blazer #1Sleeveless Blazer Look #3
 denim 3
 (a few end of summer celebrity styles),,20627175_30004854,00.html#21368287

Fresh Friday 8/30

Men’s Fall Must Have

 Mr Hale shoe at Men's London Fashion Week.

 Photograph: Sarah Lee for the Guardian
“The Shoe Game”
men 1
 Diemme Men's Shoes Spring/Summer 2013

Grenson monkstrap shoe A Grenson brogue with a chunky, wedge sole  men 2

DJ Khaled in the Air Jordan 3 Legends of the Summer

DJ Khaled in the Air Jordan 3 “Legends of the Summer”

Big Sean in the Big Sean x adidas Pro Model II All-Black

Big Sean in the Big Sean x adidas Pro Model II “All-Black” (photo by Jason Merritt/Getty Images via Zimbio)

Wale in the Nike Air Foamposite One Safari

Wale in the Nike Air Foamposite One “Safari”

Fabolous in the Air Jordan 5 Fear

Fabolous in the Air Jordan 5 “Fear” (photo by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images via The YBF)

Nelly in the Nike Air Foamposite One Custom

Nelly in the Nike Air Foamposite One “305″ Custom by GourmetKickz (photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin via Zimbio)

Mutombo Madness


Jordan Brand Switcheroo





folio clutches for men 10 must have accessories

10 must have accessories10 must have accessories

The PR Girl Toolbox

Should Marissa Mayer Have Posed in Vogue?

BY | August 21, 2013|

Should Marissa Mayer Have Posed in Vogue?

Image Credit: Vogue

Marissa Mayer’s Vogue profile can give us a new perspective on Yahoo’s capabilities — and the growing ways CEOs need to tend to their personal brands.
Tech and business types don’t usually cluck about Vogue profiles, but Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has changed all that. Vogue‘s piece on Mayer, which hit newsstands Monday as part of the September edition, is accompanied by a photo that has sparked some fuss. In it, she reclines on a white chaise, stretching across two pages in red lips, a crisp Michael Kors shift and thick-buckled stilettos. It’s not how we’re used to seeing Mayer — or CEOs in general — and the response has been mixed.

Dan Schawbel, author of “Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success” says the photo makes her seem like she is on vacation while her staffers toil at work — an unfortunate message, he says, for someone who’s done away with flexible schedules. Policy Mic called the piece detrimental to her image. The Street went so far as to say the story was pointless and Mayer herself out of touch. 

But is she?

Mayer is no stranger to the fashion glossies, but this profile wasn’t in just any women’s mag. The September issue of Vogue is traditionally one of the most talked about and anticipated editions of any title. Last year’s edition had a circulation of 1.5 million. That’s a standout for Vogue but just a fraction of the circulation for mass reads such as Family Circle and Better Homes and Gardens. That’s what makes Vogue and the September edition different. The chatter about it starts months before the drop date and continues long after it hits newsstands. There’s a reason this 904-page edition clocks in at 4 pounds with more than 600 pages of ads: It gets noticed.

In this world where news outlets cover other news outlets, “the halo effect of being in Vogue is phenomenal,” says Mark Silver, a partner at fashion public relations firm Factory PR. Silver says the Mayer piece makes Yahoo more attractive to advertisers and media strategists. “I this this was very strategic. I think this is a B2B piece masquerading as a consumer piece.”

Before Mayer, could we imagine anyone from Yahoo being profiled in Vogue? To be profiled in Vogue is to be on trend and Yahoo is not seen as a particularly sexy company. Job recruiters still advise against using Yahoo email addresses on resumes, and in some circles, even having a Yahoo email opens you up to some good-natured ribbing. “I don’t even think people go there for news content anymore,” adds Silver.

Mayer’s mission has been to change all that. She upgraded Yahoo’s cafeteria to better match what’s now standard in tech. She’s acquired a host of new companies including Tumblr, a service known for verticals like fashion and design that aren’t usually associated with the company. Kelly Studer, a career consultant who’s worked at tech companies including Google (and whose team recruited for Mayer) says, “She is all about style and substance. By association, this type of profile could potentially help Yahoo up its coolness quotient.”

This piece is part of that makeover. It asks us to change not just how we see Yahoo and Yahoo’s leadership, but CEOs in general. We’re used to seeing CEOS standing like Superman or leaning forward at comically large desks. These are masculine poses thanks to the fact that 96 percent of CEOs are male. In contrast, Mayer’s shot is feminine and sensual while still being very corporate, says branding expert Karen Leland. Mayer holds an iPad with her face on it, says Leland, stressing she has a body and a brain. “To me she’s trying to create an integrated message that yes I’m a CEO but I’m also a feminine woman and that makes me powerful.”

Adds Silver, “This is a company that needs to take some risk. Posing awkwardly for Vogue is very low risk for that kind of story compared to acquiring Tumblr for a billion dollars. It shows that she’s taking calculated risks.”

The Vogue piece also reminds us that, now more than ever, CEOs are becoming celebrities, says Leland. In the Vogue article, we learn about Mayer’s infant and her husband and what brand of cardigan she prefers, much in the same way we would learn about a movie star’s life and wardrobe. CEOs can become larger-than-life pop culture figures, as evidenced by the not one, but two Steve Jobs movies coming out this year. This is a reminder that going forward, CEOs have to carefully craft a personal brand in addition to their company’s brand, says Leland. While Mayer was reclined on a Vogue chaise, she was actually hard at work since, as Leland reminds us, “Your brand is work.”

Of course, no company’s image was built — or changed — in a day. As Schawbel acknowledges, building a company culture is more important than press and much of the positive and negative impact of the piece will be short lived. That said, Silver says that as a PR professional, this type of piece can pave the way for a related project yet to be unveiled by Yahoo. He says. “I can’t imagine that we’ll start seeing her in many fashion editorials. From a PR perspective, this is the big consumer story you do that either launches or teases something significant.”

Motivational Monday 8/26

Change Your Story, Improve Your Life – Life is Too Short



Improve Your Life As Life is too Short

It’s not what happens to us in this life but it is what we do about what happens to us in this life. Life is not fair. Never has been. Never will be.

That’s just the way it is. So if you don’t like the hand that you’ve been dealt, you have a right to complain all you want (no one wants to hear it I can guarantee you that!), but that won’t change circumstances and it won’t make it better. Complaining only makes it worse.

Our lives are defined by the stories we tell ourselves and others. “Good” and “bad” things happen to everybody. But it’s the story we tell that emphasizes the event.

We’ve all heard inspiring stories about people who have overcame hardships and difficulties. Those are the stories everyone likes to hear. They remind us of the triumph of the human spirit. On the other hand, we all hear stories of gloom and doom from often well-meaning friends, loved ones, and relatives. We hear exaggerated stories of sickness and despair. But what they don’t understand is all of the exaggeration of the bad brings more bad to your life. You get what you focus on. You see what you look for. If you are focusing on “how bad it is” that is what you will get, more of “how bad it is”. If you are focused on the good, that is what you get more of “the good”.

Note: As I use terms good and bad in this post, know that I’m a firm believer that they are simply that – relative terms. I usually like to think about those words in terms of what works for us and what doesn’t to define how things are.

Listen, we all have things we don’t like and things that happen to us that we would rather not have in our lives, but our lives go on. And our stories go on. The definition of what happened to you lies in the story you tell about it. When you change your story, you change your life because you changed the meaning and the definition of what happened.

Your Turn…

How does your story sound? Happy, joyful, inspirational? Or doom and gloom, woe is me, self-pity? Change your story to improve your life!

Love Life. Do Good.Live Well


Indy Trying For A 2018 Super Bowl Bid

106.7 WTLC

177354458Indy Star Says: Well The Super Bowl Host Committee will decide by Friday to keep trying to bid for  The Super Bowl in 2018 and so far things look good. Allison Melangton (president of the indiana Sports Corp) Says no red flags so far.  They said the Mayor is pretty confident the city can succeed with another bid.

And the next four Super Bowl cities are already determined.  You Ready?  Ok – New jersey – then Phoenix – Santa Clara, Calif. And Houston.

The NFL’s deadline for potential host cities to submit a letter of intent for the 2018 Super Bowl is midnight Friday.

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Community Event….PartyLite Fundraising

crohn disease logo     chrons disease

913 E. 86th St #210

Indianapolis, IN 46240

(317) 259-8071

 We are currently running a Online PartyLite Fundraising Event

Open Invite Until 9/13

Contact Independant PartyLite Consultant

Patty Agresta

50% of total sales goes to benefit the organiztion

orders sent dirctly to your home


My name is Allissa Smith and I am eleven years old.  In September 2012 I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease.  Crohn’s is an inflammatory bowel disease, it can affect the whole digestive tract, with normal, healthy bowel sections between the affected parts.  I have had to make changes in my diet and exercise. I go to Riley Hospital for Children to have an IV treatment of Remicade to help control my disease once every eight weeks.  We are raising funds to help find a cure and the cause of these conditions that affects more than 30,000 Hoosiers.  I am asking if you would like to donate an item for a silent auction to help raise funds for my team.  Our goal is $3000.00 as a team or $250.00 individually.  For every dollar that they receive $.81 goes towards research and education, $.09 goes towards administrative costs and $.10 towards sending kids like me to camp. If you need any further information about the local branch of CCFA please call Amy at (317) 259-8071.  If you would like to donate please call my mom Paula Smith at (317) 979-4299.  317) 259.8071


For the 2nd year, CCFA has received a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, the highest a charity can receive for our ability to execute our mission in a fiscally responsible way.  We join the ranks of only 18% of the charities who have received this honor for two consecutive years.


Would you please join me in my fight to find a cure for this disease?  CCFA’s 501c3 number is  13-6193105 for tax purposes if needed.



Music Mixx….Chante Moore




Chanté Moore Wants To ‘Touch Your Body’ & Your Spirit

R&B is one of the few genres in which the secular and the spiritual are often featured on the same album (and sometimes side by side). That’s pretty understandable seeing as how many of R&B’s brightest stars honed their talents in the church. Chanté Moore is one such artist and she’s serving up both secular and spiritual on her latest album, Moore Is More. In lieu of an actual video for the project, which we hope is coming soon, the R&B Diva has dropped a lyric video for the sensual “Baby Can I Touch Your Body” and a live performance of the spiritual number “Jesus, I Want You.” While the paired release of the two is a bit odd, they each speak to different sides of the talented songstress. “Baby Can I Touch Your Body” is the sensual song that kicks off the album and sets the mood for what’s to come. However the lyric video draws attention to some of the song’s not-so-great lyrics (“Baby ’cause you know I’m a hottie” anyone?). “Jesus, I Want You,” about seeking out God’s love rather than a man’s, fares better however, as Chanté delivers with the live take, showing that though she’s severely underrated, she can give most singers out there a run for their money.


Music Mixx….K. Michelle

New Music: K. Michelle – ‘Rebellious Soul’”

Rebellious Soul


K. Michelle’s long journey from her mixtape to “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” culminates with the release of her debut Rebellious Soul. The Memphis songstress pours her heart and soul into the 11 tracks including the Meek Mill-assisted “My Life”” and the Pop & Oak-produced single “V.S.O.P.”

“This project means everything to me,” said R. Kelly’s protégée. “I was determined with this project that people were gonna finally see me for more than just a crazy, ratchet reality star.”

Rebellious Soul Tracklisting

1. “My Life” feat. Meek Mill
2. “Damn”
3. “I Don’t Like Me”
4. “Can’t Raise a Man”
5. “V.S.O.P.”
6. “Pay My Bills”
7. “Sometimes”
8. “It’s Too Late”
9. “Hate on Her”
10. “When I Get a Man”
11. “A Mother’s Prayer”


Music Mixx…Jaheim

Jaheim Sings Sorry To His ‘Babyx3’

Lady J   

Jaheim has gone and done it again, dropping another track that fans are sure to love. Not too long ago he gave us his return single “Age Ain’t A Factor,” which longtime supporters quickly gobbled up, and now, just a couple of weeks before Appreciation Day is set to be released, he shows us his remorseful side on the oh-so-smooth and easy to like “Babyx3.” On the song, Jaheim has really done his girl dirty, and he knows it, but he’s willing to do anything to keep her. Knowing the she already has one foot out of the door, he begs, pleads, and tries to sang his way back into her good graces. It may not be enough to save the day, but when you have a voice like his, it doesn’t hurt to try.